Writing about dark heroes...

Reese's Bride, by Kat MartinI love dark heroes. 

After I finished writing ROYAL’S BRIDE, the book I call my
Cinderella story, I was ready for a change.  Reese, the
moody, brooding, dark-haired, blue-eyed brother in
is far different from his fair-haired Prince
Charming brother, Royal, the Duke of Bransford.
is angry and bad-tempered, a war veteran injured while
fighting with the British cavalry.  A victim of the war
and trapped by the promise he made his dying father, Reese
is forced to give up the life he loved and begin what he
considers the boring life of a country gentleman. Worse
yet, Reese’s ex-fiancée, Elizabeth Aldridge, the woman
who betrayed him for another man, is now a widow and living
on the estate next door.

I’ve written dark heroes before.  Captain Ethan Sharp in DEVIL’S NECKLACE.  The Earl of Greville in HEARTLESS.  Damien Falon in DEVIL’S PRIZE.  I love to watch the heroine redeem these lost souls.  Perhaps every romantic has a little of that need to nurture and reform.  These sullen, temperamental men are a challenge a woman can’t resist. Whatever the case, I have written a goodly number over the years, some of which are among my all time favorites, including the ones I mentioned above. But Reese is also a favorite, so dark and sexy, his anger against Elizabeth disguising the love he still feels for her.  Clearly, Reese believes, there is no way to repair the hurt that each has suffered at the other’s hands.  And there is Elizabeth’s sweet little boy that Reese wants to ignore, but simply cannot.

It’s an emotional story, the kind I love to write. I’m hoping readers will enjoy REESE’S BRIDE as much as I enjoyed writing it. 

Warmest wishes to all.  Kat 

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11 Responses to Writing about dark heroes…

  1. Guestauthor

    Cierra– we especially want to when he is as sexy as Reese! hope you enjoy the book. Happy New Year! kat

  2. Cierra James

    I have read most of your books and loved every one them. Royal’s Bride was really good. Tonight I will start Reese’s Bride. Dark hero’s are compelling and romantic. Doesn’t a woman just love to be the one to solve his brooding ways?
    Best Wishes,
    Cierra James

  3. Guestauthor

    Kari–sounds like you are a writer, too! Best of luck with your books. Have a great New Year! best, Kat

  4. Kari Thomas

    Kat, your books —especially the heroes —sound great; cant wait to read them! I absolutely LOVE dark heroes and will buy a book based on that, alone. I write them too; there is just something about a dark hero that tugs at the heart strings.

    Keep writing them and we’ll keep reading them!

    Happy New Year Hugs,
    Kari Thomas

  5. Guestauthor

    In CA for Christmas and New Years. Missing the snow of MOntana. So wonderful this time of year. HOpe you all curl up with a good book–maybe one of mine! Have a very Happy New Year! kat

  6. Kathy Otten

    I don’t have all your books, but all the ones I have are on my keeper pile. Looking forward to this one. I love dark, brooding heroes. Good luck with your sales.

  7. Linda Henderson

    I like a brooding hero.

  8. susan leech

    Your books looks good. susan L.

  9. Romance Junkies

    I have both books but have not read them yet. It is supposed to be a snowy weekend in New England so maybe I will start a nice fire and read them both. I can’t wait 🙂

  10. Guestauthor

    I liked writing this book. But as I said, I love dark, brooding heroes. plus Reese is a hunk! hope you enjoy! kat

  11. peg360

    Kat ,I have been waiting for this book to come out .I enjoy Royals story.And Reese story sounds like a book that will keep you on the edge of your seat.I look forward to reading it.

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