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You know, I’ve heard some authors say that they listen to classical music when they write because it inspires them, and I just think, “How do they do it?”  I’m the kind of writer who wants complete silence when I’m working on a book.  Music, TV or other people in the room are distractions for me.  If music is playing I find myself stopping and saying, “Oh, I love that song,” or my foot will start tapping, or my shoulders will sway in time with the music.  I would never get a book finished that way. 

It might sound odd to you, but one of the things I get inspiration from when I’m writing is my characters.  I like to open up my imagination and let it take flight with all kinds of ideas.  I want the characters to take over and inspire me to write things I never dreamed possible.

Another thing that inspires me is when I read a really good book.  The kind of book that I simply hate to put down until I get to the end, and then I’m always upset that it ends and I have no more of it to read.  It doesn’t have to be a romance book to inspire me, but I’ve certainly read plenty of those that have made me want to dig deeper and give my books more passion, more drama, more emotion, more humor, well, more of everything.   In fact, I tell everyone that two of my favorite books of all time are Charlotte’s Web and Lonesome Dove.  They certainly aren’t romances, but they are filled with the things I just mentioned above and both books have inspired me to write and to want to write better.  The characterization in both of these books amazes me. 

I’m inspired by letters from my fans.  The first thing I do when I get to the computer each morning is to check my e-mail.  I get so excited when I see I have a fan letter.  I usually get quite a few each day when, like now, my latest book A Marquis To Marry has just hit the bookstores.  And I love getting all the fabulous reviews, too!   It is so thrilling to get an e-mail from someone you don’t know, and to realize they not only took the time to buy and read your book, but they made the effort to tell you they loved it.   The inspiration they give me is huge! 

And lastly, my husband inspires me beyond measure.  He has always been my biggest fan. From my very early years of writing, through periods of disappointment, to feeling on top of the world, he has always encouraged and supported me.  When my first book was published, the first copy I signed went to him, and I’ve followed that now through my current book, A Marquis To Marry, which is the second book in The Rogues’ Dynasty Series.  My husband has always received the first signed book, and he reads every word.  His kind comments, his devotion and genuine appreciation for my work inspire me. 

So now that I’ve told you what inspires me to write, tell me what inspires you about your job.


11 Responses to What Inspires Me to Write

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  2. Single Women In KY

    Very nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to say that I have truly loved surfing around your blog posts. After all I will be subscribing in your rss feed and I am hoping you write once more soon!

  3. Carol M

    I think it’s wonderful that your husband is your biggest fan! Some authors have said that their husbands don’t even read their books. Having a husband that supports you has to be the best inspiration!

  4. Pam Keener

    If I were a writer I think I would be like you and command silence. I love music and I would be toe tapping, swaying to the music as well.

    What inspires me at my job is that it is always a new adventure daily. I drive workmen comp patients to doctors appt, phys therapy and stuff like that. It is basically a new place and face every day. Of course you have some regulars and it’s aways nice to see whats new with them and see how they are progressing. And of course while I am waiting I can get errands done but my favorite thing to do is pull up a lawn chair enjoy my surroundings with a good book. I get paid to read how neat is that??

    Love & Hugs,
    Pam Keener in PA

  5. Enid Wilson

    Amelia, great to hear that you receive so many fan mail. Letters from supporters sure can lift authors up.

    Steamy Darcy

  6. Quilt Lady

    Reading inspires me. I don’t have a job right now, so mostly I work here at home. I aways try to get everything I plan to do that day done so I can read at night.

  7. Amelia Grey


    The cover at the top of the page looks fabulous! Thank you. My romances are the only ones my husband read, though he reads all of John Grisham, Clive Clussler and other authors. But.. he’d always rather be golfing! 🙂

  8. Romance Junkies

    ooh so glad you found it! I was a bit nervous only I could see it!
    I love how hubby gets the first signed copy and he reads it. My husband does not read at all. He hates reading and would rather watch his wrestling ( the man’s soap opera) than read, but I read enough for both of us 🙂


  9. Amelia Grey

    Hello Romance Junkies! Sorry I’m late getting here. I had some computer problems. Thank you for having me here today! so cute about the little kids. Kids are always inspiring.

    Susan, how wonderful to hear you say it’s uplifting to see your shoppers and hear their nice comments and to say a few nice things yourself. I’m sure it’s rewarding to them that you are there.


  10. susan leech

    Morning Amelia, enjoyed reading what inspires you to write. Very interesting in deed. I work as cashier for a large store you find in most every state and I am inspired my my regular customers who I see on a weekly basis and some times every day. I feel a closeness without even knowing alot of their names..faces appears and I know them by face. I feel very uplifted to have some one just say “glad to see you here today” or “I like when you are here” It gives me a feeling that I am needed or at least a little bit appreciated for what I do. susan L.

  11. Romance Junkies

    Welcome Amelia! We are glad to have you here. My main job is accounting so I guess my biggest inspiration is knowing that there is so much more to learn. I am a person who always has to learn new things and I get bored very easily. I need a job that is always hopping. My second job is two nights a week at Subway and since I have lived in the town my whole life I end up remembering what the regulars sandwiches are, seeing the people from town on a regular basis is good. It cracks me up when one of the little kids sees me outside Subway and they want to know why I am not there because that is where they associate me being all the time 🙂

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