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Today we have author Sami Lee joining us. Aside from having written the cleverly named book BORN AGAIN VIRGIN she’s held such varying jobs I tend to think there’s nothing she can’t do. Sami is generously giving away a copy of BORN AGAIN VIRGIN to a radom poster who correctly answers her trivia question. Send you replies to blog@romancejunkies.com and will pull a winner.

For now here’s a bit about Sami and her recent print release BORN AGAIN VIRGIN.

Sami’s been a secretary, sales assistant, bar tender, waitress, student, tutor, human resource manager and administration officer, but at heart she’s always been a writer. She lives near the coast in Queensland, Australia and spends her time juggling family life with work and writing.  

Who needs spare time anyway? 

Sami writes for Samhain Publishing, and her first book, Born Again Virgin, is now available in PRINT, through Sami’s author page at Samhain, or through her website.

Born Again Virgin by Sami Lee


Can KD convince Kelsey they were made for each other before she marries the wrong guy? 

When she started a new life in the small town of Holly Hill, Kelsey Simmons made a vow to give up sex until she found The One. Now, finally, she has Mr. Right set firmly in her sights. She’s got the perfect plan to catch him. Trouble is, her intended target dodges cupid’s arrow and it hits Mr. Wrong smack in the rear. 

KD McKinley isn’t looking for love. He’s just renovating Kelsey’s house to help out his ill stepfather. But smart and sexy Kelsey proves impossible to resist. Pretty soon, KD is reconsidering the whole white-picket-fence thing. However, his Miss Right thinks he’s all wrong and KD isn’t sure he can convince her otherwise…

Excerpt: “Kelsey?” 

“I’m here.” 

He turned at the sound of her voice and she emerged from the shadows on the front porch. Even with barely a skerrick of moonlight, he could tell by the way she held her arms around herself that she wore that red dress. The sensuous swish of fabric and the delicate waft of her perfume teased his senses. His heart took off again and he prayed for more light. Where was a full moon when you needed one? 

“Thanks so much for this. I wouldn’t have been surprised if you’d told me where to go when I rang.” 

“I wouldn’t do that.” It hadn’t been an option. Not once she’d said those magic words, I really need you. Even if it was only for a bit of routine home maintenance, the fact she needed him made something swell uncomfortably in his chest. Jeez, McKinley, don’t get fanciful. It’s not your chest that’s swelling. His discomfort was lodged firmly in his pants. 

“I guess I knew that,” she said, an odd note of surprise in her voice. Then she warned, “It’s really creepy under the house.”

“I’m a big boy.” He squeezed his eyes shut. Now he sounded like he was big-noting himself. “And I have a flashlight. I’ll just head down and check things out.”

KD’s boots thudded on the stairs, getting farther and farther away.  Kelsey felt like slapping herself. What had she been thinking, asking him to come out here? She should have just crawled into bed and tried to sleep without the comfort of hot tea and jazz. Now she had to deal with the nerve-racking notion of KD at her house after ten at night and her still wearing her designed-for-seduction dress. Not to mention he would know dinner with Stefan hadn’t led to a night of passion. A major embarrassment, after the way she had played up the date for his benefit. 

Cursing her idiocy, Kelsey wandered back inside. Her eyes had adjusted to the dark enough that she could find her way down the hallway to the kitchen, where she sank into a chair and put her head on her hands. She didn’t wait long. In a few minutes the sound of the fridge purring to life alerted her to the fact the electricity was back on. She stood and flicked the kitchen light switch, giving a little cheer when it came instantly to life. 

Maybe she’d have time to change before KD returned. Or at least throw a T-shirt over her plunging neckline dress. She’d sweat like a hog in this heat, but she didn’t want KD to think she’d called him out here for anything other than a fuse. 

She had raced into her bedroom and switched on her bedside lamp when KD returned. From her doorway he announced, “All fixed. I’ve replaced the fuse, but you should probably get an electrician to check things out, just to be safe.”

 “Okay. Thanks.” 

“These old places can have tricky wiring.” 

“Yeah. Thanks.” Hadn’t she said that already? 

Nerves fluttered in her stomach. He had made no secret of his desire the past week or so, but now his expression was neutral. After this afternoon, she could hardly be surprised. He’d treated her to a perfectly nice lunch, had even included Gabby’s kids with good humor, and she’d ended it by throwing her relationship with Stefan in his face and stamping on his foot like a five-year-old. 

“How’d the date go?” His question seemed to surprise him as much as it did her. His jaw set in a hard line, as though wishing he could take the inquiry back. 

Kelsey wasn’t sure why she still felt the need to lie. Self-protection, probably. “It was fine. Nice.” 

“Can’t have been that nice. You’re here alone.” She could have done without him pointing it out.

“Not every successful date has to end in sex, you know.” 

“I guess that depends on what you’re aiming for.” 

“I suppose that shows what your aim of any date with a woman would be.” 

“Sugar.” That slow, insolent smile spread across his face and made her insides quiver. “If I went on a date with a woman like you, dressed like you are, she wouldn’t be home trying to fix a busted fuse on her own.” 

“Really?” She’d tried for disdain. It came out sounding more like an invitation to elaborate. He took a couple of steps toward her, breaching the threshold of her room.

Instinctively, Kelsey backed up, wishing she had the mettle to stand her ground. She could retreat no farther when her legs came flush against the bed. Disoriented already, she fell onto the mattress with an undignified plop.

Oh great. She was sitting on her bed now. Talk about sending a man signals. 

“If I’d taken you out tonight, I wouldn’t have been so easily turned away at your door.”

Moving closer with the unhurried calm of a predator who knows his prey is trapped in an inescapable situation, KD knelt before her. At her level, his eyes smouldered with a rapacious hunger that took Kelsey’s breath away. “I’d have had to kiss this sexy, pouty mouth of yours.” His hand came up to hold her chin, his thumb idly tracing the line of her lower lip. “Red lipstick suits you, sugar. Bold and hot and seductive. You look so damned amazing, I just couldn’t have left without touching you.”

He drew a line down her throat with his fingertip. “Here.” He moved his touch to her shoulder. “And here.” With a skilful tug, he slid the thin spaghetti strap of her dress down her arm. Kelsey sucked in a shallow breath, feeling as stunned as though he had bared her breast. But the dress clung to her flesh, catching on the hardened bud of her nipple. Closing her eyes, she didn’t move as his knuckles brushed feather-light across the distended peak. 

His next question brought her eyelids, which felt weighted down, flying open.

 Gruffly, he demanded, “Did he touch you?” 

Prize Giveaway:

 If you’d like to win your choice of a print or e-copy of Born Again Virgin, just email blog@romancejunkies.com and answer one simple question from the posted blurb. 

What is the name of the small town setting for Born Again Virgin?

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  1. Janel Heddins

    Have just returned from a trip on Samui Island, stayed at West of Eden in Chaweng which is less hetic than Chaweng, superior hotel and wonderful beaches. We rented a jeep for only 700 baht per day and would drive around the island. So many great places to dine, our favourite spot was Thai Food Heaven in Maenam which had the most fantatisc view over the beach, the staff was quite nice and the food so delicious, we went for sunrise cocktails. My boyfriend and I had a great time and will be back for Easter.

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    When & where will a winner be posted for this contest?

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    Hi Sami,
    Loved the excerpt… Loved the the other one… Fijian Fling…. it was a great read.

    All the best,
    Suz 🙂

  5. Helen

    what a wonderful sounding book Sami – wish you all the best with it.

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    Thanks Cherie!

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    Sounds like a great story! I enjoyed the excerpt!

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