Welcome Guest Blogger Karen Erickson!!!!

Welcome to Monday!! I hope all of you had a fabulous weekend. We start the week off with author Karen Erickson. She’s going to be talking about her road to publishing and giving away a copy of her newest release Virgin Jewels to one lucky poster.

For now lets learn a little more aboput Karen and VIRGIN JEWELS. 

After leaving the crazy working world to become a stay at home mom/slave, Karen realized she needed to get crackin’ and pursue her life long dream of being a published writer. A busy mother of three, she fits her precious writing time in between chasing her children, hanging out with her wonderful husband and pretending she has a maid. She lives in California.


Virgin Jewels by Karen Erickson

The Virgin’s Blood necklace is legendary. Simple in appearance, it wields a sexual power only its true owners can experience…

Hannah doesn’t understand why the newest acquisition at her family’s jewelry store makes her ache so deliciously. When Colin visits the shop and tells the necklace’s erotic tale, Hannah’s further enflamed—for the necklace and the man.

Borrowing the necklace, she has mind-blowing sex with Colin, the power of the stones overwhelming. But for normally shy Hannah, the experience is bittersweet. Her alluring aggressiveness isn’t real—it’s the Virgin’s Blood Jewels. She can’t keep the necklace, and fears she’ll lose Colin without it. But Colin knows more about the jewels than he’s telling.

3 Responses to Welcome Guest Blogger Karen Erickson!!!!

  1. Tameka Green

    I love the cover and excerpt to your new book “Virgin Jewels” . Good luck !

  2. Robin

    Look likes Virgin Jewels will be a good read. Can’t wait. Keep up the good work.

  3. Dave Maynard

    I cracked up at your explaination of how you started in writing. It made perfect sense but was humorous at the same time.
    It also appears that you are living a wonderful fast paced life.
    I enjoyed your excerpt of Virgin Jewels, it’s going to be a good read.


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