Welcome Guest Blogger Emily McKay!!

Well it’s officially Spring and where I am in PA has been getting rain for the last three days. If I could see the sun I’d be a happy camper, but we do have Emilt McKay here to brighten up our day and talk to us about her blogging life so that definitely helps.

So join us won’t you and don’t forget to check out Emily’s Website for her current contest and her new book BABY ON THE BILLIONAIRE’S DOORSTEP.


Baby on the billionarie’s doorstep Emily McKay


Jet-setting bachelor Dex Messina thought he knew everything about women…until he met the tiny infant girl abandoned on his doorstep. One thing Dex was sure of: the gorgeous redhead who stormed back into his life, insisting she’d made a mistake, was hiding something. And uncovering her secret would be his pleasure.

To gain custody of her beloved niece, Lucy Alwin would do anything–even pose as the woman with whom Dex had shared one intimate night. But if boldly lying to the powerful billionaire was difficult, resisting their burning desire could prove impossible.

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  1. ChristinaR

    Love the cover and the book teaser video! 🙂

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