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Joining us today is Debbie Wallace. She’s here to answer your questions and discuss her new book IT’S ALL IN THE JEANS.

So take a minute and check out this up and coming author. It’s your opportunity to ask an author all those questions you are dying to know the answers to.

Debbie has wanted to be a writer since she was a kid, but life always seemed to get in the way. She didn’t get serious until a few years ago, when encouragement from her family prompted her into submitting to a publisher. It surprised and thrilled her when a couple months after submitting to Whiskey Creek Press she received her first contract offer. Originally from Maine, Debbie resides in sunny, and ALWAYS hot Florida with her soul mate and their two cats Woofy and Gin Gin. There is a daughter in the picture, though she’s grown, married and has a beautiful daughter of her own.

Writing is a hobby for Debbie. It thrills her to be able to share her stories. And she loves seeing her characters come to life with each new book cover.

“IT’S ALL IN THE JEANS”, released February 1, 2008, is Debbie’s first torrid romance with Whiskey Creek Press Torrid and is published under the name Tory Richards. She has several other romance novels published under her real name. Her websites are listed below.





 It’s all in the Jeans by Tory Richards

Logan Knight is staying with his grandfather while recuperating from an accident that killed his two best friends. He needs time to heal his body and his heart from the tragedy. Libby Turner is on a hell bent mission to keep her grandmother out of an assisted living facility, even if it means masquerading as a seventy-year-old woman. 

From the moment the two meet sparks fly, and they can’t  keep their hands off each other. The only problem is, neither is looking for a relationship, so they come up with an outrageous solution. Can they stick to their plan of keeping their relationship strictly sexual, or do they give in to the overwhelming love that threatens to claim their hearts?

And Enjoy this excerpt


Saving cats wasn’t all that exciting, he’d had to do it once or twice. Experience reminded Logan that most felines came down when they were good and ready. But he couldn’t just stand by and not do anything when it involved a kid, no matter what his doctor told him. He didn’t call out to Libby as he moved closer to her, knowing that if he did he could scare her into falling. But he no sooner stopped directly beneath her when the cat spotted him and then all hell broke loose.

The cat went ballistic. Logan heard the kid scream. His heart stopped when he saw her lose her balance and begin to fall backwards. He didn’t have time to waste. In a lightning fast move he shoved himself up and over her body, catching her with his own and pinning her against the tree. “I’ve got you, honey!” he rasped, grabbing the limb over their heads and bracing himself for her full weight. The impact of her slight body sent a rivet of sharp pain through him, but Logan ignored it and held fast.

“Please don’t move.” He grated low in his throat and closed his eyes, fighting a wave of unexpected dizziness. He needed a moment for the pain to subside.

“What? Who…” She ignored his plea, wiggling around until she was facing him. His arms effectively held her trapped against the trunk of the tree, and at that moment Logan didn’t know what was worse, having her backside against him, or her breasts. “Where did you come from?” she asked breathlessly in a surprisingly adult tone that immediately sharpened Logan’s instincts.

In the blink of an eye he came to the realization that Margaret’s granddaughter was anything but a kid. The womanly curves pressed against him were a testament to that and instantly wiped away the guilt of his earlier thoughts. He tried to chuckle but it came out like a groan. “I don’t think now is the time to discuss the birds and the bees.” His eyes captured hers, and Logan was reminded of someone, though he couldn’t think who.

“It’s a good thing you showed up when you did. I was about to fall.”

Logan’s gaze roamed over Libby’s pretty peaches and cream complexion, sliding down her slender throat and exposed collarbone before smoothing over her nearly naked shoulders. He tried not to look but failed miserably, lowering his eyes to take in the swell of her breasts above the tank top.

“Your grandmother said you were stuck up here.” It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts, outlined so enticingly against the tee-shirt style top, were perfectly round. Her nipples were hard little crowns, pointing at him as if accusing him for being in that state. Damn! Logan felt something hot uncoil in his gut and realized it was arousal. He inhaled deeply to try and calm down but all that did was fill his lungs with her warm, subtle fragrance.

“Well, I was doing just fine until you showed up and scared Rufus,” Libby pointed out, glaring up at the contented feline above them. “Thank you for saving my butt.”

As if knowing the two humans were displeased with him, Rufus suddenly went into action, hissing and crying threateningly like any cornered cat. Sensing what he was about to do, Logan leaned further into Libby. Shielding her with his body and taking the brunt of the angry cat as he scampered over them, continuing down the tree. Grunting in pain, Logan closed his eyes and sucked in his breath.


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