Welcome Guest Blogger Ashlyn Chase!!!!

Long time no posting my romance loving friends. We at the Romance Junkies Blog have certainly missed you. Today we have Ashlyn Chase joining us and I for one can’t help but smile knowing she’s here today. Ashlyn writes erotic romance was a splash of humor and over the top heroines. She makes sexy fun. So stick around as she prepares to tell us about the backstory for her next Ellora’s Cave release DEATH BY DELILAH which comes out tomorrow.


DEATH BY DELILAH – Coming Soon from Ellora’s Cave

Welcome Guest Blogger Ashlyn Chase!!!!Delilah Mills, a navy enlistee, is on the verge of finding true love. All she needs is a little push or so her grandmother believes. The elder Delilah can’t resist the urge to meddle—even if she’s a ghost and her influence is limited.

Joshua Sparks, a naval officer attracted to Delilah since their teens, discovers the crush has been mutual all these years. Back then, he let her mixed race and his parents stop him. Now, the Navy says they can’t date. One night they throw caution to the winds and not only can’t undo what they did, but don’t want to.

Can two Navy lovers, equal in resolve but not in rank, secretly live together off base without getting one of them transferred to the Middle East?



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