Welcome Guest Blogger Amie Stuart!!!!!

Happy Hump Day and what an appropriately titled novel for us to be discussing. NAILED by Amie Stuart hits the Shelves on May 27th.

Seriously speaking,  joining us today is Amie Stuart and if the cover is any indication about this story’s heat level it should be smoking hot.

So please help Kim and I welcome Amie to the Junkies Blog!!

Growing up, Amie wanted to be a lawyer and a psychology. Obviously, she’s seen the error of her ways. Being a writer is so much more fun! She’s the last of a dying breed, a native Texan, and still make her home where cowboys and music (her other two loves) abound.

Nailed by Amie Stuart 

Late Night

As resident fix-it girl for an apartment complex in a tiny Texas town, Bonnie James makes enough money to pay the bills and have a little fun on the side. She likes checking out the other tenants and sometimes indulges in her own sexual fantasies by watching them late at night. It’s exciting, it’s erotic, and it always leaves her ready and willing for more.

Turn On

When you’re a bounty hunter, late night stake-outs are part of the job. So Wynn Collier should be concentrating on his own business, not watching a Peeping Tom with the sweetest body west of the Mississippi. But he’s a hot-blooded male on a hot Texas night and he can’t resist the chance to investigate every one of her delectable curves.

Goes on sale May 27

6 Responses to Welcome Guest Blogger Amie Stuart!!!!!

  1. Tameka Green

    I have to say that is one steamy ass cover. Somebody get the hose to cool them down. Lol


  2. danette

    Hot cover! I like how the woman is the miss fix-it, sounds like a fun read. 🙂

    Hugs, Danette

  3. Lindy

    Wow. Cover = yum. 😉

  4. Deidre Durance

    I like strong independent woman and the title is cool too!


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  6. Amie Stuart

    *waves* thanks Nancy! I had a blast writing Nailed!

  7. Nancy Bristow

    Welcome Ami…I love the whole premise of “Nailed” and if the story is HOT so much the better. I can so see Bonnie James as a resident fix-it woman:) I’ll have to tell my Texan (Clifton) book buddy about this….Nancy

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