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Dirty Little Secrets
Everyone has one. It can be something you did. Something you said. Or for me something so wild the only way to do it is in my dreams or more precisely in the stories that I write.
My dirty little secret is that I love ménage romance. How can two people fall in love with the same person and it not tear them apart? How does the everyday life work with it?
Well, earlier this year I decided to explore that little twist. I, being the ultimate paranormal lover, decided to throw a twist in my story. My story, A Chance Encounter, is about what happens when twin Faeries find a woman that both want. I put constraints on my men. They have to become involved in a ménage relationship because she is a pure blooded Faery and they are half-human. The only way to bond with her is if they both agree.
Here is the blurb and a short sneak peek.
Leila Brown
A Chance Encounter
By Leila Brown
Heather Crane makes a living helping couples become trios. After a chance encounter with one of the Grey brothers, she must put her knowledge of threesomes to personal use.

Julian and Lucian Grey want Heather for what she is and what she can do. But it’s not until they learn who she is that they truly understand what a treasure they have found. And they will do anything to keep her safe and satisfied.
Heather raced to her bedroom, grabbed the small suitcase, and was at the door before she sensed that someone was in her house. She’d been so close. So fucking close.
“Leaving?” a velvety voice asked from her dark kitchen.
“Whoever you are, get the fuck out of my house. I didn’t invite you in.”
“You opened the door to me earlier. I’d call that an invitation.” another voice interrupted from her bedroom.
The same voice from this afternoon. The damned delivery guy. “Look. You were delivering a package. I never invited you in.”
“You touched me.”
“That was an accident. You dropped the files.”
“No. You dropped the files. I was helping you pick them up.”
“Look, why don’t we call this an honest mistake, and you can leave.” The door was close enough that she should be able to get out of it before they reached her.
“I don’t think so.”
“I don’t even know you,” she turned toward the new guy, “so I know I didn’t invite you in.”
She gasped as two men stepped from the shadows. Both looked like the deliveryman from earlier today. Her heart jumped. Their dark hair was cut in the same cropped style, barely hitting their ears. Mirror images. Almost. The angrier one had the slight point at the top that most Fae possessed.
One smiled at her with a slightly lopsided grin, the other frowned. They both sported full lips. Lips just right to latch onto her pussy and suck her straight into an orgasm.
“If you invited him in, you invited me in, too.”
“Fuck.” Heather didn’t even bother trying to explain away what happened earlier. She dropped her bag and reached for the door. She opened it far enough to get a nice windy burst of night air before it jerked out of her hand and slammed shut.
Now would be a good time to be able to kick some ass. Too bad she couldn’t fight worth a damn.
Okay now that you know my dirty little secret, how about sharing yours. What is the little naughty thing people would die if they ever found out???
Leila Brown
~Addictive Erotic Romance You Can’t Resist~

11 Responses to Welcome Back Guest Blogger Leila Brown!!!!!

  1. Sitegar

    Lauren writes a bleeivable permanent menage relationship, things aren’t always rainbows and sunshine and a relationship with two people is hard enough, when you’re bouncing off three points the challenge increases exponentially. Her characters deal with these problems head on, they have conversations, like adults, and no it isn’t easy for everyone around them, but in the end they *own* who they are and it makes the stories all the better.I can’t wait to read Tart, I’m trying to convince myself a post-work nap to wake-up and read at midnight is a bad thing… it is, isn’t it?

  2. Lindy

    I loooooove a good menage story! Three, four…five bodies entwined… Yummers. I think some of my acquaintances would be surprised to know how much I like to read erotic romance, and even more surprised by the specific themes that (*ahem*) trip my trigger. My close friends already know. *wink*


  3. Lisa

    Sound good like the title! Congrats on it!

  4. Pamk

    lol I guess my dirty little secret is that I like menages

  5. Laura K

    I guess that I love D/s stories would freak a lot of people out. Menages are good for me as long as they are m/f/m. I’m not into m/m or f/f stories at all.

  6. Kathleen

    I have read a couple of novels where this kind of relationship took place. I can’t say it is for me persnally, but I tell you it sure it sensual to read about. Fanasty is sometimes a wonderfull thing.

  7. Nancy Bristow

    I never said that menage wasn’t HOT;) Two men devoted to a woman’s pleasure?! Talk about. I think the only thing that gets in my way is the HEA. I don’t buy it with a threesome from any author…and that’s my issue but menage as a short term fantasy…well, where’s my fan? Nancy:)

  8. DawnM

    Nothing wrong with a good menage. Just think of all that attention directed at you. LOL. Has this been pubbed yet? I thought I had all of Cobblestone’s menages and I don’t recall Close ENcounter.

  9. Deidre Durance

    I love menage, so just call me a dirty girl! LOL

    Just the mental picture of two men and sometimes more than that (ooh la la) devoted to my pleasure is a thought that practically overloads my mind.

    I’m sure most people would die if they knew that menage and more turns me on. I’m a librarian and I probably look to innocent for all that, which just goes to show that you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover.

  10. Nancy Bristow

    Menage goes outside of my comfort zone most of the time but that doesn’t mean I don’t read them on occasion because…sometimes they just hit the spot:) You’re a new-to-me author and I’ll be checking out your web site….Nancy

  11. Anita Birt

    When my dearest friend read Isabelle’s Diary she was a little taken aback at the lovemaking I described. It was a part of my character/personality unknown to her. As for my church going – the organist read and loved A Very Difficult Man and Isabelle’s Diary. She laughed about the “naughty bit.”Having said all that, I don’t write erotica. I admire my writer friends who do and more power to them. Thanks goodness we are all so different. Life would be so boring otherwise.

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