Wedding Hunt – Complete

I found it. Yippeee.

I mentioned last month that I am going to a wedding this month. My cousin is getting married. I am excited for her.

I can now say that my preparations for my trip and wedding are complete. Here is my list:
1.) I have my plane ticket booked.
2.) Scheduled the time off from work.
3.) Got a kick butt outfit.

Yes I finally got my outfit. This was the one thing I hadn’t done. Now it is checked off list. It is a relief that I’ve got what I am wearing. Actually I have two outfits I’m taking with me so I can decide which to wear. The outfits fit my short list of my wants. It is comfortable, sexy and well fitted. No outfits that will drive me crazy and make me want to rip it off. Comfort and looking good is what I wanted and got. Now I just have to pack my bags and I am set.

What are some of your most memorable wedding outfits?

Taige Crenshaw
…increasing the sizzle factor

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