The Sheikh's Baby Scandal by Carol Marinelli

The Sheikhs Baby Scandal

CAROL MARINELLI: Tips for aspiring writers ** I think the biggest tip I could give is to devote some regular time to your writing. Preferably daily. It doesn’t have to be great chunks of time but if you can find fifteen minutes each day to really sit down and write I think it helps to find and hone your voice. And, during the other twenty-three hours and forty-five minutes, sneak some time to ponder your plot so as to make those writing minutes count


Love Lessons Learned: Real life romance lessons learned from the book.

Right at the start of The Sheikh’s Baby Scandal a very young Kedah stumbles on a secret. Growing up he comes to understand that he found his mother, Rina, then a princess, cheating. Now she is Queen. The ramifications would be huge if that secret were to ever get out and Kedah will go to any lengths to prevent it from happening.

While the story is Kedah and Felicia’s there is another story within it—that of his parents, Omar and Rina, the King and Queen.

I never know where my characters are going to take me, I truly don’t. In fact, sometimes I think I am eavesdropping on a private conversation  That is how I felt when I wrote the scene where Kedah and his father were walking along the beach. I wondered how Kedah could possible broach such a delicate subject. It was Omar who did.

I love a man who takes responsibility and that is exactly what his Omar did. Instead of blaming Rina for her transgressions he examined that time with compassion.
Now, I think that shows a very deep love and a true hero.
So, in The Sheikh’s Baby Scandal, there are in fact two heroes for you to look out for and hopefully enjoy.

Happy reading
Carol x

The Sheikhs Baby Scandal

Pregnant…by the playboy sheikh! 

Playboy sheikh Kedah of Zazinia has loved every minute he’s spent earning his outrageous reputation! But about to claim the throne, and with a list of prospective brides being prepared, Kedah knows he must soon accept his royal duty… 

A scorching night with his poised assistant, Felicia Hamilton, seems the perfect distraction—and her cool beauty masks a desire Kedah is hungering to ignite! But even Kedah isn’t prepared for the biggest scandal of all, when their one night together leaves Felicia pregnant with his baby!



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