The Rainy Day Melody

This fall season has been a roller coaster of weather all over. The season has had some really warm days then it plunges into slightly cold, colder, and coldest. Also there has been the rain. Dressing appropriately for the weather has been a challenge. On day it is warm people start to loosen up and walk around with less layers to cover them up. But by the time it hits later in the day you need those layers as it gets colder. The Colder days get even more clothing added but by the end of the day you are stripping off layers feeling too warm. LOL.

Now on a day like a couple days, ago a rainy misty day I like. It wasn’t raining so hard yet that you had to rush for cover or walk like they were in a race. You could be a little slow and enjoy the rain a little.

As I strolled to get to my day job that morning I listened to the rain. There is a tempo when it its various objects. The car, street, lamppost or sidewalk. A sort of a melody that is interesting. It made my mind start to plan a scene for a book that takes place in the rain. It is everyday things that garner the best ideas. As I got inside my day job and got ready for the day I thought of this the rainy day melody and the things it has inspired me to do before. Take a long nap while it rained, bundle up and watch movies, organize my cupboards and any other number of things. Each time it rains it is a different melody that inspires me to do something according to what I hear in those drops of rain. The variety of stages of rain made me chuckle.

When I left my day job later that day it was still raining when I got home so the melody inspired me even more. Then it lulled me to sleep. Try and get out and enjoy the weather wherever you can. Listen for the melody around you and let it inspire you. Let me know what happened and type of weather you had. Have a great day.

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