The Different Styles of Romance by Denyse Bridger

I don’t know if this is something that readers notice as much as writers will, but I am curious about it, so let’s talk! Most of us who write tend to not stick with one genre, but let our creativity take us wherever we feel the lure. I write mainstream, sweet romance, erotica, and fantasy. Some times I mix up the genres in unexpected ways, and you get an action thriller with an erotic twist, or a Victorian mystery with a hint of romance and paranormal. ALL of these styles are approached, by me, with a very different mindset. I think it reflects in the style of the writing. Do you, as readers, notice that?


Language for Historicals is an obvious challenge at times. But, it’s pretty much a given that you have to at least make the effort not to inject modern usages into the text or you totally lose the correct tone and ambience of your piece. Even with the erotica, the sexuality of  your characters should reflect the time in which you’ve written them, so many things are inappropriate. When you find modern words in a story that’s supposed be a couple of centuries ago in time, does it throw you totally out of the mood and story? It does me!


Does a hard hitting thriller with a sexy soldier of fortune have a different feel than a sweet story of discovering love and passion? Absolutely. At least in my mind. The era might be the same, but there is such a difference in the way it has to be presented. Bullets flying and threats to the lives of your hero and heroine add an edge to the passion, make it burn intensely and immediately, so the language can often reflect that instant hunger and need. If you’re “falling in love” for the first time, and the tone is sweet and passionate, you can play a lot more with the intimacies of the mind and heart. Allow all those beautiful, erotic whispers to build and shimmer on the surface before they explode and demand to be satiated.


Do you have a preference? I find I am drawn more to some stories than others in style, but when I write, I love them all. Tell me about your favourites, and your preferences, please? And thanks in advance for being part of this intriguing “chat” with me. It’s going to be fun! The book I’m offering as a prize is multi-genre, and there’s something for many different tastes, everything from Historical to Paranormal, with some pretty intense tales being told!


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29 Responses to The Different Styles of Romance by Denyse Bridger

  1. Gary

    My favorite is lesbian lovemaking, sensual, erotic and descriptive. That makes me as hot as when the author wrote it.

  2. Shelley Munro

    It depends a lot on my mood. At the moment I’m reading an Urban fantasy but the next book on the pile is an erotic historical romance. I like to mix things around and that way I don’t burn out on a particular genre or author.

  3. Denyse

    Thanks again for all the wonderful comments, you’ve all been so great with your interesting observations and kind comments. I would love to do this again, so maybe the terrific folks here at RJ will let me come and chat with you again next year!!

    Take care everyone, thank you from my heart.

    BIG hugs to all…


  4. Tammy G.

    I pretty much read all types of romance. I like Time Travel, historical & paranormals the best.

  5. Jodi S.

    I still like my contemporaries the best. I will read pretty much everything, but have a hard time getting into a lot of the paranormals.
    I need the romance, and not necessarily the sex, as I do like reading Inspirationals as well.

  6. Amy T

    I guess I lean towards paranormal these days, but of the less conventional sort – not vamps or shifters (unless a “weird were”) or ghosts. I like futuristic and fantasy as well. Whatever I read, I like more than a little ~heat~ to it. Whether you categorize a book as a paranormal erotica book, or a super hot paranormal matters not in the least to me!

    I am not a reader of westerns, cowboy, military, inspirational or sweet romance, and very little historical, or time travel romance.

  7. Teoh

    Love those tortured heros who have been through life’s wringers and come out all the stronger for it but still retains some vulnerability for the heroines to find and nutured. No matter what the gender, that always gets me!!

  8. Michele R.

    Hi Denyse,

    I love the way you spell your name by the way! I used to only read gothic romances as a teenager. Then I discovered all the different genres and got hooked on everything! I fell in love with paranormal books recently. Yes I agree with you how the languauge sets the mood in a story. I recently read a historical romance with a paranormal twist to it. It was absolutely fantastic! The era it was set in, the 1800’s, added a wonderful old fashioned feel to the story. It was great having you here blogging for us today! I send you many blessings for a wonderful holiday season!


  9. Laurie

    Great blog, Denyse! You are one of few authors who can mix it up and write (and do it well) in so many romance genres. I’m a huge fan of romantic suspense and erotic romance, but not straight erotica. I’m not terribly prickly about historicals being written with absolute accuracy, but at the same time, I don’t like to be pulled out of the story when there are glaring errors or inconsistencies.

    Thanks for being here – have a great weekend, sweetie!

  10. Nathalie

    Great post.

    I am very romantic and find historicals more appealing 🙂

  11. Lily


    Ilove historicals and I have never read a paranormal!

  12. Amelia

    I enoyed reading romance contemporaries, romance suspense, and romance historicals. Thanks for the great post, Denyse.

  13. Denyse

    You are all so truly wonderful, you humble me with your praise, and make me feel very special with your caring and kindness.

    Thanks to everyone for such thoughtful comments, and for taking the time to visit and talk with me here. You have no idea how much that means to me.

    Hugs, and more…

  14. Colleen Love

    Hi Denyse!
    I love reading, writing and living fantasy and contemporary paranormal romance. There always has to be a HEA in my writing, because in real life there are too many stories that arent.
    I think that the language has to match the story. It would be totally disappointing to be reading the story of a sexy Scotsman and not have the accent follow. : )
    One reason I enjoy writing fantasy is because I can create my world, my history and not have to worry about it being absolutely correct, because its my creation. : )

    Great topic as usual!


  15. Susan Kelley

    Hi Denyse. I like to read all types of fiction, and the language does set the mood for era and the type. I’ve put books down because a term or word is used that just does not fit the setting. I admire people who write historical. I like to read it, but trying to write it intimidates me. I’d be so afraid of getting something wrong. Good luck with all your genres. By the way, visiting here is better use of time than fighting black friday.

  16. Jennifer Cole

    Hi Denyse!!

    So this is where you’re hanging out today!!

    Okay, I’m a reading-junkie, and I think I love just about everything out there. However, I’ve got to say, the way you portray a vampire…makes we want to wander alone in dark alleys, in hopes of being bitten!!

    My book shevles are bursting at the screws and my hard-drive nearing overload, with my favorite genres: werewolves, vampires; contemporaries; erotica; suspense; gay; mysteries… I generally only have two criteria I need to be met, first the story must be hot, really hot, and second I’m a big sucker for HEA!! Love is what makes the world go ’round!!

    Take care, Denyse!!


  17. Romance Junkies

    I read a historical/contemporary that had a ghost pulling the heroine into the historical part of the book from present time. It was a very good book, I wish I could remember who wrote it.


  18. Denyse

    WOW — you guys are ALL wonderful, and thoughtful, and have I told you how much I love you?? This is fabulous. Such insightful and really interesting comments!! I wish I could sit down and chat with all of you face to face!! Lainey!!!!! Local gal — I love it. Email me any time, let’s talk! ANY of you, I’d love to talk more. I think we’ve got a lot of stuff to share.

    Pam — Check out my Victorian set, The Devane Files, there are two on my site.

    Robin, Rhonda, everyone… thanks!! I’ll be back later….

    HUGS to all…

  19. Lesa

    Hi Denyse, I’ve read and enjoyed all types of books, I switch genres often, but I do favor books with a lot of action, I have read many books that are classified Mens adventure I.E. I’ve read almost every Deathlands and Outlanders all written under the pen name James Axler. The First 32 Deathlands were written by Laurence James now Deceased, many other authors have written books for the series since then. The books are still written using the same Pen Name. I love them, even though I am probably not supposed to. Being a girl and all..he he

    Right now I read mostly paranormal romance, sci-fi romance and all other types of romance as well. I usually read 4 or 5 books a week, I would classify myself as a bookaholic. What do you think? Thanks for asking. Lesa

  20. Linda B

    hi d!

    sorry i am soooooooo late but you know what i was doing! lol! i like all genres but gay and historicals unless theres paranormal in them.

  21. Pam P

    Hi Denyse. I read a lot of historicals and paranormals, and love combo genres, especially a Victorian romance thriller. True in historicals you don’t want to pull a reader out of the story with inaccuracies that stand out or modern slang; in paranormals you have lots of leeway.

  22. JOYE

    No matter the setting or the times, a strong male figure is always more interesting than the boy-next-door type.

  23. ReadingIsSoMuchFun

    Hello Denyse,

    I am glad to see you here great post. I love paranormals, erotica, contemporary romance, mystery, thriller, fantasy, vampire, werewolves & romantic suspense. I also love HEA’s 🙂


  24. Lainey Bancroft

    Wild waves from a Moncton gal, Denyse (in Niagara region now)

    I read just about everything, and couldn’t agree with you more about the language setting a mood. That’s what is so nice about choices. If I’m looking for a ‘quickie’ an action packed story is suitable for reading when there’s distraction. But sometimes I like those big fat sweeping dramas that require a comfy chair, a cup of tea and utter solitude.

    The majority of what I’ve written is sorta chick/hen lit romance with a lot of humor, but lately I’ve been veering off into suspense and grittier women’s fiction type work and having a ton of fun.

    Kudos to you for reaching and growing in so many directions!

  25. Robin Snodgrass

    Hi Denyse,
    I love your blog comments. I agree with you about the use of certain language drawing you out of a story if its not appropriate to the time or genre. I read stories from just about all genres and have a huge list of favorites in everything from sweet romance to paranormal erotica to urban fantasy. If I were to list them here, it would take me all day to type them.
    I think it’s amazing when an author can create such diverse worlds in their stories…spread over so many genres.
    Keep up the great work!

  26. Rhonda Barnes

    Hi Denyse,
    I’d have to say my favorites right now are paranormal and erotica. I am a big fan of your stories, and I enjoy reading romance novels of all types.

    Rhonda 🙂

  27. Jaycee

    Hi Denyse
    Happy Black friday ugh hope you all survive I was almost mauled at walmart today getting those 5 buck Barbies LOL Ok prefrences I am pretty broad range wise I LOVE Vamps an Shifters, But the main thing is a Strong Alpha that draws me in alot. And I love the BBW stories cause to me they are identifyable.

  28. Lisa Avila

    My preference would be paranormal romances. But I really read them all.

  29. Romance Junkies


    It is great to see you made it! I love when books twist a couple genres in and make it interesting.

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