The Courtship of Utopia Miner


The Courtship of Utopia Miner

by Linda Gilman


THE COURTSHIP OF UTOPIA MINER by Linda Gilman is a humorous, sexy, playful, and slightly suspenseful story about chasing your dreams, falling in love, and taking risks to find true happiness. What happens when a spunky young woman in a gold rush town wants to learn how to be a saloon girl? You teach her how to kiss and hope to God one of her three fathers doesn’t kill you for it!

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Title: The Courtship of Utopia Miner

Author: Linda Gilman

Series: Gold Rush

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: November 9th 2015

Publisher: Indie Published

Print Length: 289 pages

Format: Paperback and Digital

Print ISBN: 9781517538941

Digital ISBN: 1517538947



Utopia Miner is tired of hunting gold and caring for her three adopted fathers. Living in a Rocky Mountain mining camp is holding up her dream of becoming a saloon girl. If only she could learn the essential skills of singing, dancing and kissing, she’d be on her way to a glamorous life. When Utopia discovers she’s the prize in her three fathers’ marrying scheme, she sees benefits in going along with the courting contest. She now has a kissing teacher. And wow, what a teacher. One starter kiss from Lance and her body’s sweating in places it never had before.

Lancelot Jones wants to turn in his life-risking marshal’s badge for a much safer job as a reporter, but the newspaper wants articles as proof of his qualifications. When his editor sends him to a mining camp to get the scoop on a courtship contest, Lance discovers the privilege of covering the story hinges upon chaperoning the bride-to-be. He soon finds himself ensconced in Utopia’s innocent charms and demanding saloon girl lessons. In short order, chaperoning the bride-to-be becomes risky business.


Excerpt #2

Lancelot Jones adjusted the brown felt derby on his head. He inhaled a deep breath and gave the door of the rustic cabin three solid knocks. The door opened and in the next instant a deluge of water flooded him from head to toe. “For the love of. . .” He swiped soap suds off his face and pulled together a civil response for the person who’d tossed the unexpected shower.

A lady wearing damp long-johns and dripping red hair stood before him. Her wash-bucket dropped to the porch with a loud clank. She gasped. “Oh, my stars! I wasn’t expecting a body would be standing in the way of me tossing out my wash water.”

“That’s all right Miss.” He tipped his head downward. Water poured off his hat brim in a long stream, drenching the tips of his boots. “I’d been pondering a good cooling off after riding most of the morning. I’d say that you’ve quickly dispatched a cure for such thoughts.”

Her emerald green eyes squinted at him.

“You’re one of them long winded sorts, aren’t you?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“What’s your business in these parts, mister?”

“Well I. . .” Lance rubbed his fists at the burn of lye soap in his eyes. When the sting dissipated enough to see, a second unexpected event confronted him. The lady’s breasts were displayed in fine, round proportions through her soaked garment. “Well I. . . I. . .”

Any red blooded male would naturally be tongue tied and stunned by such a sight. He couldn’t help that his gaze hovered in the wrong place far too long as the gal twisted water from her lengthy hair.

Suddenly, she noticed where his interest lingered. Another gasp escaped her heart-shaped mouth. “Oh, my stars!”

Lance watched as her tawny freckled complexion turned a shy pink. Her arms folded over her upper torso and she scuttled backwards into the cabin and slammed the door.

“If you’re one of them medicine peddlers you best move on. We don’t need any,” she yelled through the closed barrier.

He leaned toward the door. “I can assure you miss–I’m not a peddler.”

Lance had to admit this newspaper assignment was off to a unique start. He removed his doused frock coat and draped it over his arm. Could the indecently clad redhead be the bride-to-be offered in the courtship contest he was to report on? Based on what he’d seen so far, she was certainly worth further investigation.

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About Linda Gilman:

Linda Gilman is known for writing humorous western romance novels. Her stories are centered on independent, strong-willed women, and courageous heroes who always protect the innocent without violating their personal code of conduct. It’s the cowboy west readers are so enamored with and a twist of zany plot. From first page to last, her books are loaded with pain-in-your-side laughable moments.

She has a deep love of the American gold rush era and often uses this as an excuse to do book research and travel to ghost towns in the western states.

Born into a city girl life, her parents raised her in St. Louis County. However, Linda has always felt her country girl roots calling her to move west young woman. She currently lives in rural Missouri with her hubby and the oldest of her three sons.
Connect with Linda: Website | Facebook | Twitter

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