The appeal of the Paranormal… by Denyse Bridger

The dreams came, as they always did now, terrifying and horrific in equal measure. Isabella twisted away from the latest obscenity to invade her mind, but the nightmare followed her with relentless, ruthless delight. His face flooded into focus and she shuddered, dimly aware that some part of her wondered how she had ever found him exotic and beautiful. Pale, silvery hair shone in the artificial sun created by the  gallery’s floodlights, and eyes darker than midnight skies smiled down into hers. She was captivated the moment he spoke, his soft, resonant voice throbbing life into her veins in pulsing waves of excitement beyond her ability, or desire, to control. She surrendered to him, and revelled in the madness that he wove into her being. Passion swelled and became a rushing tide that carried her to the very edges of unbearable ecstasy, then swept over her and drowned the last, faint morality that might have objected to his domination. 

Pain replaced the exquisite pleasures of moments before, and she writhed in new agony, suddenly desperate to extricate herself from the embrace that was draining her of life, and forever stealing her soul. But it was long past the time that her pleas would grant her immunity, and she screamed her terror, in loud, keening cries–a mourning dirge that erupted from the deepest recesses of her heart… 

The scream lingered as her loft apartment above her gallery business came into focus with painful abruptness. The taste of blood haunted her, as it had for several days; this time it didn’t revolt her. To her considerable disgust, it lured and appealed to her starved body; she hadn’t been able to eat since the night she’d met him, the compelling and devastating presence who called himself Luciano Calendri… 

So, where were we now??? For the record, that’s an opening scene from my next vampire novel… set in Italy, with an ancient Italian Prince as the hero. I’m writing this book now, and it’s what made me choose this topic today. I’m not a great lover of vampire things, or horror, or even dark fantasy most of the time, yet I seem to have a flare for the bloodlust and mayhem that dominates the shadows of this night-world fantasy so many of us are drawn to. I’m curious about what you, the readers, find alluring about this genre and this type of dark hero??


If you like vampire heroes, you might want to check out a number of my titles, all of them are now listed, with their covers and links, on the sidebar of my blog. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll be popping back later to chat!!

 Blessings to all… Denysé

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  1. тёткa

    Любопытно. Некоторые моменты не знал.


    I love vampires! And yours sound intriguing! Will definitely check them out!


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  3. Denyse

    Thanks so much to everyone who left such wonderful comments. I think this book could be very special if I can ever get it written – there’s a lot of personal input going on with this particular book, so it’s slow but special.

    Thank you again – everyone!! Your support means so much, and your interest and positive energy makes it all worth the long hours!!

    Blessings, love, and hugs to all….

  4. Emma

    Hello Denyse,
    When you have a Vampire and the setting of Italy you know you are in for a very hot and scoring tale.
    Is not the Vampire a master of sensuality, of seduction, of night time magiK, dark desires, of breathless excitement?

    Oh i like the sound of this……………



  5. Eva S

    Vampires and Italy, what could be better! I’d love to read more…

  6. Caffey

    You’re writing voice is beautiful Denyse!! I’ve enjoyed many of your vampire and historical books! Some of my favorites are The Devane Files, Descent Into Darkness! I hope to read more of Devane too! I started reading paranormals with ebooks, along with fantasy, S/F, etc. I’m so glad I went and dived into reading these genres because I find them so unique with the ‘world’ created for these books! I get enchanted by them and pull right into the stories! So for me its the ‘world’ thats created for the books and just believing as I read!

  7. Phylis

    Hi Denyse! Vampires are my favorite paranormal character! Part of their attraction for me is the darkness within them. Whether it comes from what happened in their past to make them vampires or some act they did they regret they tug on my sympathy. The struggles they go through make them sometimes more human than humanity. Besides the fact that they are downright sexy, sexy, sexy!!!!! That excerpt was fantastic!

  8. Cricket Sawyer

    Oh girl you do know how to write them. No matter what you say about not liking the Vampire thing – that has to be a joke – you really do a great job! looking forward to reading more. Many Sales to you!

  9. ruth

    Thanks for this peek. Love your fantastic website and the gorgeous photos and slide show of Italy. Am enthralled with your books and writing.

  10. tina brunelle

    hey denise !!! huge hugs love vamps though dont beat your italian men ….

  11. Jenny Gilliam

    LOVED the excerpt, Denyse!!!! Everything about it put me right there with the heroine…and ooh, the hero!

    I guess I love paranormal romances, particularly of the vampire variety, because of the heroes…their dark pasts and personalities.

    My 2 cents, anyway. Way to go, D!


  12. Lisa J

    *little squeak*
    I think it is the unknown dark side that attracts people – the allure of being able to do just what you like without that pesky conscience getting in the way……

    Fab read so far! I’m sure *everyone* 😉 will just love it!

    Lisa xx

  13. Shiela Stewart

    Hi Denyse!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the excerpt!!! I am a sucker for vampires! No pun intended. 🙂

  14. Denyse

    Thanks SO much, ladies!! I think this book is going to be very special, and I am having a lot of fun with it already. It’s evolving into a very passionate and intense love story, sensual and exciting, but also dark and mysterious, too. The hero, my vampire Prince, is amazing… you’ve “seen” him already, and you know how fabulous his inspiration is, so…. let’s hope I do a book that his real-life counterpart loves, too!!

    Thanks for coming by and supporting me! Means the world, and you know it.


  15. Kelly Wallace

    I can never get enough of sexy vampire novels, Denyse! I can’t wait until this comes out!

    What do I like about vampires? I love that they’re so confident, commanding, lustful, and sensual. I suppose this particular fantasy calls to the part of us that wants to be controlled, yet cherished. To give up all fight and surrender to passion. I believe in some ways the (supposed) spell a vampire puts over a person would be a bit like the drug Ecstasy–not that I’ve tried it! lol Vampires are just downright sexy to the tenth power! 🙂


  16. Colleen Love

    Well Denyse, when you put it like that, who wouldn’t love the genre. LOL! Sheesh! Hurry up and finish it so we can read the whole thing!!
    I think what has made them so alluring is the unknown and forbidden. We’ve normalized them, put them into our societies and romanticized them. It’s sexy and frightning at the same time. What’s not to love there! hehe

    Great excerpt and topic!


  17. Lainey Bancroft

    Chilling excerpt, Denyse. And you certainly won in the cover game.

    BLOOD WINE AND PALE ROSES cover is gorgeous!

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