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Tell Me Your FantasiesFantasy, a mental image, wondrous fancies, an imagined or conjured up sequence fulfilling a psychological need; daydream.  This is what fantasy is according to 

I have often been accused of living in a fantasy world—and I admit it, I do flit from one fantasy to the next.  It might be that I have a maid to clean up my entire house for me, or that I have a dozen half naked, perfectly sculpted hunks pampering me with grapes, massages and whatever else I desire. 

Living in a near dream state off and on throughout the day is perfect for me.  Why?  Because I’m an author of romance and erotic romance.  The things I daydream about in my mind often make it onto paper and then into the hands of readers.  I hope to take you away and into a fantasy world, where you too can be pampered by a hot hero.  Or maybe you’re a feisty heroine in need of an adventure? Tell Me Your Fantasies You can be whoever you want, do whatever you want in a book.

Now that’s not to say your own life isn’t good enough.  Fantasy is healthy, and those who say it isn’t are party poopers.   I’m the mother of three young children, and a dog who drives me nuts.  I have fun, I love my family and I love what I do, BUT I also love those nights where I curl up and escape inside a dream world. 

That’s what reading is all about—escape, fantasy, even if it’s only for five minutes at a time.  When I’m writing a story I try very hard to make the scenes and characters pop.  I want the reader to feel like they are in the story, part of it, living it. 

Tell Me Your FantasiesWhen I wrote my Highland Jewel series, my biggest focus was to write a fantasy that the reader could connect with and vividly see, hear, feel all that went on within the three stories.  From what reviewers have said, that’s exactly what you’ll get from Warrior In A Box, Lady In A Box and Love In A Box.  A steaming hot fantasy come to life.  Who hasn’t daydreamed about a Highland warrior in a kilt coming to the future to sweep you off your feet, or you yourself landing in the bed of a warrior in the 17th century?  I know I have and quite often!  Those men in kilts, with their strong thighs, and ripped abs tantalize us with what lays beneath.  Ahh…sigh…

Now that you know what my fantasy’s are, tell me a little about yours.


Eliza Knight is the best-selling author of erotic Highlander time travel romance and historical romance with The Wild Rose Press.  She is the author of the award-winning blog, History Undressed.  Visit Eliza at or 

11 Responses to Tell Me Your Fantasies

  1. Ashley

    I agree about them changing after you read a good book!! I’ve always loved the candle lit bubble bath with soft music and champagne idea!! Sounds wonderful 🙂

  2. Lindy

    My fantasies seem to change (and get steamier – lol) with every book I read!


  3. Pam S

    Eliza, your books look so awesome. I am putting them on my tb list and musts :)!

    I do love paranormal and fantasy novels. I have always loved the whole magical, mystical since I was a small. You know the whole knight in shining armor thing coming to the rescue.

    Your fantasy makes me sigh too lol.

  4. Jeanmarie Hamilton

    Great blog on fantasies! That’s definitely what it’s all about, curling up with a good read. I love romantic fantacy that takes me away to adventure and romance, and puts a smile on my face with a happily ever after.


  5. Kathleen

    My fantasy, I would be on board a ocean liner, traveling alone, maybe getting over a broken heart. I am standing at the rail at night looking at all of the stars over the ocean. Just then a handsome stranger comes next to me ” What is a beautiful woman like you doing looking so sad”, and the rest is history as they say!!

  6. perils3

    *smiles whimsically*

    Fanta C’s huh?

    Tenderness and deep friendship. Trust.

  7. Eliza Knight

    I love it Elle!!! How about shopping for a new desk, new writing outfit, massage and a new laptop? lol

    Thanks Pat! I’ll have to check out that book, sounds good! And so true, it is an outlet and entertaining!

    LOL Lisa!!! A woman after my own heart! I love your fantasy, I’m borrowing it okay????

    Thanks Denise! I love to be spoiled 🙂

  8. Denise

    Hey Eliza! I would have to agree that I would want the same as Elle. Someone to be there and be loved and taken care of. I think it would be great. 🙂

  9. Lisa M. Campbell

    It’s 1813, I’m sitting with my friends, other ladies of consequence and ballroom music is flowing all around me. Although I’m sought after for my lovely personality, beauty, grace and wealth, I shun all eligible suitors. Suddenly, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy appears in the entryway; our gazes lock–there’s no one else in the room but the two of us. He doesn’t stop until he’s by my side, and then with a nod signals the musicians. He’s commissioned them to play a Waltz! To the shock of the matrons, dismay of the unmarried girls and envy of the men, Darcy sweeps me into his arms and we begin the dance. And as he speaks of his undying love for me, I ask him, “Fitzwilliam, what of Elizabeth Bennet?” To which he replies, “Elizabeth who?”

  10. Pat McDermott

    Wonderful blog, Eliza. Fantasy can be a healthy outlet when life overwhelms us, or downright entertainment when all is running smoothly. We are in control of our fantasies. No real danger from that man who smothers us with kisses we say we don’t want, or from that gun the bad guy draws. I’ve had these things running in my head like little movies for as long as I can remember, and reading Nancy Friday’s “My Secret Garden” reassured me that they’re completely normal. (I lent that darn book to someone and never got it back!) Great topic for a blog!

  11. Elle Parker

    There’s nothing I love better than a good fantasy. My current favorite is a classic (to the point of being cliche, but I can’t help it): Good looking older man takes a fancy to me and decides he needs to take care of me – nice house (in Florida, I think), pleasant lifestyle, and of course we are wealthy, so no need to work. I can spend all day writing just as soon as he takes me shopping for a new desk!


    Elle Parker

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