Steamy Darcy invites you to a Halloween contest

It will be Halloween soon and    invites you to a fun, scary or romantic contest, depending on how you choose it. Here are the rules:

1. Open a Halloween story by writing a sentence in the comment below. For example, you can start with “The old manor house was once again occupied…”

2. Enid Wilson from  will select one of the sentences to write a Halloween short story. It will feature her favorite hero Mr. Darcy and we will post it here on 31 October, the Halloween day.

3. Bonus: leave a name (any name, it can be your name, your pet’s or even your enemy’s) in the comment too and tell Enid in a sentence about the person. For example, “Colin Firth is the hottest Mr. Darcy on Earth”.

Enid will select one name to put in the story too. Be warned, she may decide to have Mr. Darcy suck the blood out of the person….

4. You will get a mystery prize from Enid if your opening sentence or name is selected.

Contest opens to all readers. You have until Saturday 24 October USA west coast time to leave the comment. Come and join in the fun!

20 Responses to Steamy Darcy invites you to a Halloween contest

  1. Enid Wilson

    Jack Adam is stalking you, Stacey? I hope he doesn’t have an axe…

  2. stacey smith

    I was walking true the foggy night when I herd a foot step behind me.

    How about =Mr. jack Adam’s

    From Stacey Smith

  3. Enid Wilson

    What now, locked door, Susan? Knife raised, Conda? Hmm, blood or scream will follow…

  4. Conda V. Douglas

    She crept down the second floor hallway, knife raised high. The old filthy pine boards squeaked with every step, her heart beating a roaring echo in her ears. Until she heard a double beat of someone walking behind her, who?

    And my first basenji was named Boon, because she was a boon.

  5. susan leech

    she had to get her thoughts together and fast. The waiting was as bad as not knowing what she was facing. Slowly she kept going up the stairs..each step closer to the unknown on the other side. Finally after some heart stopping moments she reaches the door..with hands shaky and heart beating like a drum she reaches for the doorknob..THE DOOR IS LOCKED.

  6. Enid Wilson

    Gurgling, Dina? Is there a munching monster beneath…

  7. Dina

    As she walked upon the old creeky floors, the loud gurgling sounds from beneath made her shudder in fear as to what or who it could be…..

    Mary can be one of the nicest people, yet I still don’t fully trust her.

  8. Enid Wilson

    Creepy shadow and thumping heart, the plot thickens! What to choose? Thanks Lisa and Pat. Is Merlin talking about Hawolleen or what?

  9. Pat L.

    Bonus Question.

    Gloria was the meanist, nastiest excuse for a human being that I have ever seen.

  10. Pat L.

    I could hear the thump, thumping, was it my heart or was it …

  11. Lisa G

    Deep down in the chambers of the monastery, lurking in the shadows, Zandorph creeped out slowly. His decaying flesh reeking with odor, flaked off in pieces. No one knew where this creature came from or what is was, but they would soon find out…

    Name: Kane

  12. Marvin D Wilson

    Not sayin’ – that’s for YOU to decide! 😉

    The Old Silly

  13. Enid Wilson

    Wow, viking kidnappers in Switzerland, Marvin? Or zombie captors?

  14. Marvin D Wilson

    Jonathan swallowed hard as he approached the aged, thick, massive, formal entrance to his sweetheart’s winter retreat castle in the wooded hills of Switzerland; he knocked three times, in rhythm with his pounding heart that longed for reconciliation with his lover since he’d last seen her, more than a year ago, carried off by her captors – and he’d been powerless to stop the assailants, he being tied and beaten by the same.

    The Old Silly

  15. Enid Wilson

    Oh oh, alien abduction, trez?

  16. trez

    The moon rising over the cliff, I could here the eerie sounds again. It was closer. I began to run back to the house. I screamed as something caught my foot. The next thing I remember . . .

  17. Enid Wilson

    Oops, mistyped. I meant “a cool name for a cat soon to be”… No, I shouldn’t think of blood right now.

  18. Enid Wilson

    Grayboy, a cool name for a cat should to be… Thanks for entering the contest.

  19. susan leech

    My cat Grayboy scared me the most when he went to hide under the front seat. He never leaves the passenger seat when we go away for a drive. I knew something was scaring him but…what?

  20. susan leech

    Driving into the heavy fog I spotted some light coming from a run down farm house but as I got closer the lights looked like they were flickering in an odd way.

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