Starstruck by Mechele Armstrong

Last week, I went to the Romantic Times Convention.  I had a blast and I learned a lot from going to panels and listening to people talk. 

There are a couple of things I don’t think I’ll ever get over being excited about.  And actually, I hope I don’t. 

One of those things is seeing authors I admire.  I have been a reader since I could sound out words.  My mother read to me long before that.  Put me in a room full of books and I’m a happy woman.  When I don’t have anything to read, I’ll read the back of cereal boxes, packets, anything I can.  So needless to say, yes, seeing authors that I read renders me a squealful, joyful fan.  At the Saturday book signing, I was two spots down from Kelly Armstrong.  I got to see SL Carpenter and Sahara Kelly.  I got hugs from both and *squeals* books signed.  Yes, Megan Hart signed Tempted for me.  Yes, I stalked her.  Didn’t get to stalk Lauren Dane as much as I would have liked but maybe next time. 

I think I might faint if I ever get the chance to meet Stephen King.   

The other thing that I get overjoyed about is people coming up to me and saying, “I read you and I love your stories.”  Do you know how much I want to just grab that person in a hug and thank them like a babbling idiot?  I’m still in awe that I’m doing something I love and people are reading.  I try not to babble like an idiot but I’m sure I do.  People were excited to find out I had Settler’s Mine 3: The Woman coming out the Tuesday after RT was over.  How neat is that?   

I’m sure because I’m so excited over meeting authors is one reason that meeting my own fans means so much to me.  Truly, if you ever wonder how much an author appreciates notes and seeing fans, they do. I can’t even put into words just how much that means to me.  I love hearing from and seeing fans. And I know I always will. Because I will always be a fan myself of other authors.  Contest: Name an author who will make you faint in the comments and I’ll buy you a copy of one of their books (within reason, no out of print copies that cost like 1000 dollars on Ebay but anything current and available in ebook, mass market, and trade paperback).  

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  1. Mechele Armstrong

    Okay, I have picked a winner. Kimber Chin, come on down. LOL email me and we’ll work something out to get you a book.

    Thanks to everyone who commented. If anyone would like a signed cover flat and/or bookmark, just email me at mechele @ (no spaces).

  2. Mechele Armstrong

    Carol, she’s very impressive online when I’ve seen her posting.

  3. Carol

    I’m sure I would faint if I ever had the chance to meet Nora Roberts! I love all her books and I hear she is a very nice person!

  4. Mechele Armstrong

    Ohhhhh Little Lamb Lost, I’ve met Sarah at RT in 2005. She was so so nice to a little writer newbie and has continued to be so.

    I hear wonderful things about Joey Hill. I had intended to buy a book from her at RT but didn’t make it.

    BTW I’m planning to draw my contest on Friday. So keep the comments coming!

  5. Little Lamb Lost

    Off the top of my head…Sarah McCarty and Joey Hill are authors who would make me faint, blather idiotically, or mimic petrified wood if I were to have the opportunity to meet either of them.

  6. Mechele Armstrong

    Anne, glad you enjoyed the post. I will have to look up Mary Doria Russell.

  7. Mechele Armstrong

    Lindy, I’m still laughing at Kimber’s post, too. And I would love to meet Lora Leigh as well. She’s one of the first erotic romance authors I read. I’ve met LKH *G* at RT in 2005.

  8. Mechele Armstrong

    Limecello, don’t hide. Go up and babble. LOL I figure I may babble (or faint) but at least I met them.

    I have read SEP. Great books.

  9. Mechele Armstrong

    Cathy M, I hear really good things about Charlaine Harris. I swear, I’m getting a list of authors to read that’s as long as I am.

  10. Mechele Armstrong

    LOL Kimber, I love your answer. *G* I’m glad I seem down to earth. Though I’m incredibly envious you’ve met Stephen King. I still think I’d faint.

    I read a few Barbara Cartlands in my day.

  11. Mechele Armstrong

    Jennifer K, Sherri is the bomb! I actually should have included the first time I met her at a signing, my hands were shaking LOL. But she’s such a nice lady and instantly puts you at ease.

  12. Mechele Armstrong

    Karen H, I hear a lot of good things about Julia Quinn. I heard her speak at a conference once and she’s a great speaker.

  13. Mechele Armstrong

    LOL Megan, it’s become a joke that I stalked you *G*. I really did enjoy meeting you at RT. I wish we could have hung out more but I swear it’s just so many people. Maybe next time. And I can’t wait to read Tempted! It’s a definite reward for writing.

  14. anne

    It would be wonderful to meet Mary Doria Russell. She is fascinating and I enjoy her books. Also Diana Gabaldon would be interesting and fun to speak to. Ellen Baker is another author whose writing I enjoy. Thanks for this interesting post today.

  15. Lindy

    (laughing my butt off at Kimber’s post)

    Wow, great post. I met some of my idols at the RT book fair (my palms were sweaty the whole afternoon), but a couple of them weren’t at their tables, so I didn’t get to meet them all. I think I’d have to say Lora Leigh or Laurell K. Hamilton (and about a bazillion others I’d love to just hang out with). :>]


  16. limecello

    Hi Jenn,
    This was such a fun post – haha, and I’m so distracted by Kimber’s post. My list of star struckness is pretty long. Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Lori Foster, Erin McCarthy, Leanne Banks, Lora Leigh, Jennifer Crusie… the list goes on.
    I think the biggest would be SEP. I’ve from a lot of people who have met them, and say they’re all fabulously nice people – and I’m sure they are. That wouldn’t matter though. I wouldn’t even get the chance to babble, because I’d be hiding behind a column or giant plant.

  17. Cathy M

    What a fun idea, Mechele. I would love to meet any of my auto-buy author’s, one of the top five is Charlaine Harris. She does such a great job combining humor and great paranormal storylines in her Sookie Stackhouse series.

  18. Kimber Chin

    I’ve met Stephen King (and yes, he was gracious and down to earth and full of his favorite four letter words) and I’m lucky enough to be in an RWA chapter with Kelley Armstrong (Kelley is, by far, the shyest person I have ever met. She is also one of the most generous, having answered many of my dumb a$$ newbie questions).

    A romance author that I would faint to meet? I would say you, Mechele, as I do so want one of your books (Sixth Curse Of Spring sounds yummy) but you seem so down to earth, that I doubt I’d faint.

    So I’d have to choose Barbara… Cartland ’cause she was my first romance read and, well, she’s dead. Seeing her would freak me out.

  19. Jennifer K.

    I think it’d be Sherrilyn Kenyon for me. If she ever made it even semi-close to where I live, I think I’d stalk her at a signing.

  20. Karen H in NC

    There are so many authors I admire and would like to meet, so it’s a matter of choosing one and that’s tough to do. But, overall, I think I would like to meet Julia Quinn. I don’t think she has ever written a book I didn’t like and I think I have read all of her work so far.

  21. mMm

    It was great meeting you, too! 😉 And you didn’t stalk me, my goodness. That’s what RT is for, hanging out with friends and colleagues.

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