Some Days You Just Can't Win


Have there been days when you’ve felt that way? You get up and discover your husband left four days of beard bristles all over his sink and left it that way? Oh wait! That happened to me! Or that your favorite lipstick dropped … on your top. Perhaps someone found your stash of chocolate and finished it off. Maybe you discover that your wallet is at home just after you’ve limped into the gas station on fumes. Or one of the kids threw up on the newly cleaned carpet. Isn’t that when you think about just going into the bedroom and locking the door behind you? Or leaving town? Maybe even the country. 

That’s how Stasi Romanov felt when she was served with legal papers stating a human was suing her in wizard’s court for giving the woman a hexed sachet. She’s the sweet witch. She’s the one who smiles and is always ready to help anyone.

So why would anyone think that Stasi would hex a silk sachet, so a customer’s cheating husband doesn’t return?  Or did she? And just why does she hiccup iridescent bubbles? What can I say? You’ll have to read the book to find out.  

And Trevor Barnes, wizard attorney with sexy surfer looks. Is there a reason why he has red hearts circling his head? The same red hearts that are dancing around Stasi’s head?

Once again, you have to read the book. 

Beautiful Moonstone Lake the town is named after isn’t so beautiful or serene now. An invisible barrier keeps the witches out and flames lick along the barrier. Clues to what’s tainting the lake are there, but not apparent. Can you guess what did it?

Yes, read the book. :} 

Ghosts are affected by something that’s moving through the town that’s now cut off from the outside world due to a snowstorm and power outage, the human residents are panicking and when seeing Stasi, whispering the word witch and not in a nice way.

Fear and anger are like a disease and another problem that Stasi has to solve before she loses her life. But to find out if she saves the day you’ll have to … let’s say it all together … read the book! 

Bogie, Stasi’s dog, is based on my wonderful wonderful Chihuahua/Yorkie, Bogie, except that her Bogie floats instead of walks and disappears if he gets nervous. He isn’t fond of sharing his space with Fluff and Puff when they visit.  And then there’s Horace, Stasi’s gargoyle who hangs out in the shop because he enjoys watching women try on lingerie and guessing their bra sizes. He speaks his mind, gets into trouble at the drop of a hat, but in his own way, you have to love him. Just don’t hug him if you’re wearing a low cut top.  

So let’s recap this, shall we? Stasi’s being sued and the plaintiff’s attorney is sexy and magickal. The town is infected with fear and blaming Stasi and her witchy friend Blair for what’s happening. Trev is falling hard for Stasi and needs to find a way to make the lawsuit go away. Jazz, Nick and Irma, and yes, Fluff and Puff, are there to help make things right and hopefully it happens before three witches die.  

Want to know more?  

Read the book.  Wicked By Any Other Name was a blast to write and I hope you’ll agree.  I’m also so happy that my Hex series has been optioned for TV or film and I’ve recently been contracted to write two more books in the series. I hope you’ll enjoy them just as much as the first three.


24 Responses to Some Days You Just Can't Win

  1. Anne-c

    That’s funny, i am heading over to check out your entire site now. happens all the time

  2. кaмycя

    Ага! Спасибо! Теперь на час есть работа! 🙂

  3. твoйтaтapин

    Очень даже круто. В особенности вторая.

  4. Гарри

    Эх… 🙂 Вы бы знали что про Вас пишут в других блогах 🙂

  5. Violary

    Nothing wrong with this, at all, people should get it more.

  6. Gigi

    I loved what I read about your book in the blog. It sounds like a fun book to read. I love magical stories.
    I will have to see about getting a copy for my TBR pile.

  7. Linda Wisdom

    Thanks MarthaE,

    And I hope you give in and read them.


  8. MarthaE

    Thanks for the fun post…makes me want to read the books!

  9. Linda Wisdom

    Billie Jo,

    I’m sure you’ll love Fluff and Puff too. Jazz’s bunny slippers are definitely different. I had them tattooed on my ankle last summer and the artist really caught their crazy personalties. They even have their own MySpace.


  10. Linda Wisdom

    Thanks Crystal-Rain

    I enjoy run reads so it’s easy to write them.


  11. Billie Jo

    LOL Linda.

    There is nothing wrong with “snark” being your middle name.

    I will look around in the used stores for the romantic suspense.

    I am definitely interested in your new ones. What fun!!!

    Billie Jo

  12. Crystal-Rain Love

    Sounds like a fun read!

  13. Linda Wisdom

    LOL Cheryl!

    I’m the same way. Then my TBR keeps on growing.


  14. Linda Wisdom

    Aw Shiver!

    Books are like potato chips. You can’t stop at just one.


  15. Linda Wisdom

    Billie Jo,

    Snark is my middle name. :}

    Ten to one the romantic suspenses aren’t available as new. My last one came out in ’06. I’m concentrating on this series now. I wrote as Linda Randall Wisdom for Harlequin/Silhouette


  16. Cheryl McInnis

    Wow! Your books sound great Linda, I foresee a trip to the bookstore in my near future, LOL!

  17. Shiver

    Wow. Awesome post.

    Shiver (looking at her cc balance to see if she can fit this book into the budget)

  18. Billie Jo

    Oh WOW….

    I just checked out your site and oy oy I likey your books 🙂

    Hmmm snarky…I know I would like them…LOL

    Are your Romantic Suspense books still available? That is one of my favorite genres.

    Billie Jo

  19. Linda Wisdom

    Thanks Billie Jo!

    These books hold a lot of humor and snark.

    When I wrote category I wrote romantic suspense for Silhouette Intimate Moments and humorous romance for Harlequin American Romance, but my witches series really holds my heart and really portray the kind of person I am.


  20. Linda Wisdom

    Thanks Samantha!

    Praise from an awesome author is always appreciated.


  21. Billie Jo

    Hi Linda

    Oh I like the premise of your books. I am going to check out the website here in a minute.

    LOL Great teasing by the way.

    Do you always write humor in your books? I do love to laugh while reading.

    I am so excited I stopped by today and have more books to add to my list.

    Thank you for a fun post.

    Billie Jo

  22. Samantha Gentry

    This is a great book. In fact, the entire series is great! Looking forward to the next book with these great characters.

  23. Linda Wisdom

    Thanks Chris!

    Amazing what bribery will do. 😛


  24. Chris Marie Green

    Yes, everyone–read the book! Linda is great. : ) Fun post.

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