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Sexy to Go, Volume 6

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11 sizzling stories for women who like it hot! Erotic romance for women by women featuring contemporary, paranormal, BDSM, and more. A new volume every month, always delicious.


Command Performance by Sorcha Mowbray

Can a billionaire playboy take charge of a headstrong ballerina or will she lead him a merry chase before dancing off into the sunset?

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First Class by Jocelyn Dex

Shay is terrified to fly, but when a sexy-as-sin man sits next to her in first class, he provides a distraction that changes her outlook on flying and leaves her longing for more.

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Geek Overboard, #1 by Kathryn Lively

Dumped at the last minute by her boyfriend, Natalie is stuck on a cruise ship with hundreds of sci-fi fans. She intends to make the most of it…maybe that handsome man by the pool can help.

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Dreamwalker: Dream Date by Pamela Moran

Dreamwalker Lee Jacobs needs answers to who shot him, to who wanted him dead. Can a dream date with sexy Dr. Brynn Keegan, a researcher at the Lucid Dream Center, help him find the answers? Or will that date only lead to murder?

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Rewriting the Law, Part 4 by Daisy Banks  Elana attempts to leave the safety of the bakery. She discovers Jagan law is implacable, or at least it is when administered by the broad palm of Ansgar. His promise to listen to her tale once the law is satisfied isn’t the only reward for obedience.

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Alien Sex Life an Alien Sex Ed story by Allie Ritch  Can alien lovers negotiate a life together? Four-armed Valene is madly in love with Apax, but she’s nervous about her impending marriage.

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Pleasured by a Ghost by Haley Whitehall

Confederate soldier Randal Hartford promised his intended he’d wed her after the war and make her dreams come true. Killed at the Battle of Shiloh, he returns in ghostly form. Although not the reunion she expected, he fulfills her every fantasy.

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Love or Money by Shiloh Saddler

After being attacked, Daniel owes Dr. Abrams a lot for saving his life and nursing him back to health. Only the doctor asks for a night with his lover, James, as payment. Could this destroy their relationship or open a new door?

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On the Sly, Part 1 by Leigh Ellwood

It’s 1989, and somebody is attacking gay man in Archer Beach. Officer Jeremy Truman is determined to find the assailant, and protect Colin.

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Daylight (48 Hours #3) by Sofia Grey

Joel is happily falling in love with his new boyfriend, Anton, so why is he attracted to Anton’s female roommate? He doesn’t do girls any more – especially not when he has everything he wants in Anton.

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Unburied Hatchet by Eva Lefoy

The pack’s move is delayed by a double childbirth. Afterward, Casi experiences her first shift, but on return home, discovers a brutal attack on the pack will separate her from everyone she loves.

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Author Interview

Please tell us a little bit about your current projects?

Well, Sexy To Go Volume 6 is out now which is a boxed set of short stories by eleven authors. We put out a new volume every month if you can imagine!

My contribution to Volume 6 is Command Performance.

Can a billionaire playboy take charge of a headstrong ballerina or will she lead him a merry chase before dancing off into the sunset?


When was the moment that you knew you had to be a writer? After someone read my first book which never made the light of day. I was so excited because they were excited. Loved that feeling!

Who gave you the one piece of writing advice that sticks with you to this day? BICHOK. Butt In Chair Hands On Keyboard. Can’t remember where I saw it first. But it is so true.

Describe the “perfect” hero. What about the “perfect” hero for you? I’m not sure any hero is perfect, and I love an imperfect hero. When I think perfect I get this image of a guy with super shiny hair and blinding white teeth with a super cheesy smile that just screams plastic. LOL! Me? I like them rough around the edges, a little dark, a little silly, and super sexy. That goes for books and Mr. Sorcha. *Wink*

What are some of your favorite pastimes? Do you have any hobbies or collections? Sadly I write and read romance in my free time since I have a day job. Otherwise I spend time with my husband.

When it comes to food, are you the adventurous type who will try anything once, or do you prefer to stick to tried and true foods and recipes? Somewhere in between. I can be adventurous, but mostly I stick with tried and true.

What is the one modern convenience that you cannot do without? My phone. I’m pretty sure I would go into withdrawals if not full on convulsions without it.

What is your favorite comfort food? Cupcakes. I can eat the hell out of some cupcakes, especially if I’m looking for comfort food.

What is your favorite season? What do you love about it? Summer. I love the heat and all the time spent outdoors. And I love sundresses. Can’t wear a sundress in winter. Well, okay. I live in SoCal, so yeah. I can. LOL!

What project are you working on next? Well, we have Sexy To Go Volume 7 coming out this month…and a new volume every month after that! I know we’re a bunch of crazies!

Me personally, I’m working on a new series called Tales From Epsilon. It’s a post-apocalyptic motorcycle club romance. A short prequel will be out soon—maybe in Sexy To Go, Vol 7—and then the first full book in the series will be out later this year.

Excerpt from Command Performance

Trish basked in the moment. Relished the thunder of applause. Did it matter if she wasn’t the one standing front and center beside her partner? Not right now it didn’t.

She’d worked too damn hard to become a soloist with the San Diego Dance Theater (SDDT) to worry about being the Prima Ballerina. Yet.

Katerina, the reigning Prima Ballerina for SDDT, nodded and as a single unit the soloists stepped to the right, extended their left legs—toes pointed!—then they tucked their legs behind them and curtsied. Bow your head. Look up, smile, and turn to run gracefully from the stage. Just another bit of choreography to remember.

Dancing the role of one of the four swans in Swan Lake was a dream come true. One realized after years of hard work. The wings of the stage were crowded by squealing women and, sadly, men. Too bad she spent her days surrounded by incredible specimens of the male form who were completely uninterested. Not that she’d ever sleep with a coworker. The incredibly small dance community had the grapevine to match.

The high pitched squeals faded away as she wandered deeper into the bowels of the theater. At her dressing table she found her cold cream, the first step in scraping the layers of paint from her face. As much as she loved performing, she detested all the makeup she had to coat on her skin. Some days it positively suffocated her.

An hour later she finished showering and dressed for the opening night cocktail party. Everyone in the company was required to attend so they could schmooze the donors who were the monetary lifeblood of SDDT. It came damn close to prostitution, but she wasn’t naive enough to believe it wasn’t necessary. It just sucked to play dodge the handsy millionaires all night.

She walked into the art museum filled to bursting by patrons and dancers. With deft fingers she snagged a flute of champagne as it drifted by and sipped. At least there were some benefits.

And then she spotted him.

The obnoxious jerk with too much money, and even more ego. Given a bit of care she could avoid him the whole night. After all, there had to be two hundred people at the party. Surely she could avoid one lone billionaire playboy.


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