Satisfaction Guaranteed by Isabelle Drake!

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FOr your enjoyment we have Isabelle Drake with us. She’ll be sharing a little about herself and an excerpt to her recent release SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this peek at Jack Harley and Elizabeth Sewell. 

Thrill-seeking risk takers, heroes with the dark past, sexy locales, untamed women! Isabelle Drake writes stories featuring men and women who aren’t afraid to go after what they want. An avid traveler, she’ll go just about anywhere–at least once–to meet people and get story ideas.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed by Isabelle Drake

 Satisfaction Guaranteed

By Isabelle Drake
Workaholic accountant Elizabeth Sewell needs a man. According to her well-laid-out lifeplan, it’s time to find Mr. Right and move on to the next phase of her life — married with children. The problem is, she’s been so busy working her way up the career ladder, she won’t spot Mr. Right even if he’s carrying a neon sign. So, being an organized businesswoman, she comes up with a strategy. She’ll hire a man to teach her what she needs to know to get what she wants.

Disillusioned attorney Jack Harley needs a distraction. He’s left behind a high-pressure job with a prestigious law firm in Dallas and he’s determined to get his life back on track by opening a private practice in Houston. When a sexy brunette mistakes his new office for the recently relocated escort service, he’s stunned silent by her request for a variety of men and experiences. But when she asks him if he’s man enough to uncover what turns her on, he finds his voice in time to accept the challenge.


A slice of Jack’s shoulder showed through the crowd as he spoke with one of the bartenders. Shadows slashed across his cheek, making his face stunning and dangerous. The other man shared an odd resemblance to Jack but that had to be the darkness playing tricks on her. Elizabeth had known Jack less than a day and already she was comparing other men to him, as though he was the ultimate measure of what a man should be. 

 It didn’t make sense. Never in her daydreams had she ever thought she’d be attracted to the sort of man who worked as an escort. That was one of the reasons using the service seemed like a good idea.   A safe idea.  

Something about Jack didn’t match with what she would’ve expected from a man who got paid to take women out. Although they hadn’t had any serious talks, he seemed intelligent and thoughtful. Curious and diligent. Not personality traits she would have expected in an escort but ones she desired in a man.   Elizabeth glanced down at the tattered label on her beer bottle only to look back and find Jack scant inches away.  He braced his hands on the wall and leaned so close that the lingering smell of leather drifted under her nose. 

 “Anybody bother you?” He pushed his arms upward and his muscles flexed. “You didn’t cause any more trouble did you?” Looming over her, he lowered his voice, “I think you’d like nothing better than to have every guy in this bar fighting over you.” 

Although his words were a challenge, his gaze was light and she smiled at his teasing. “Do I strike you as that kind of girl?” As he wrapped a strand of her hair around his fingers, his eyebrows pulling together. “I don’t think you know what kind of girl you are.” He let go of her hair and dropped his hand. “That’s what makes me so wary.” 

When she remained silent, he slipped one finger through her belt loop and yanked her to him. “I want you to keep me around long enough so that when you figure it out, I’ll get the chance to show you what kind of man I am.” He dropped his head to lightly cover her mouth, instantly sending Elizabeth to that place where uncertainty ruled and plans were forgotten. She’d never kissed a man tasting of beer and smelling like smoke and leather. Jack Harley was raw sex appeal in blue jeans and she wanted more of him.

 But he drew back, so she reached for him with both hands. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she arched up and pressed into him until her peeked nipples brushed against his warm, solid chest.   She stared at his mouth, silently begging him to kiss her again. He pressed into her. “See something you want?”

4 Responses to Satisfaction Guaranteed by Isabelle Drake!

  1. Isabelle

    Hey Maureen!
    Thanks! I loved writing it because I got to dress Jack up–that was a lot of fun.

  2. Maureen

    I like your excerpt and the story sounds like a good one.

  3. Isabelle

    Hi Cathy,
    Thanks for checking it out!

  4. Cathy M

    Hi Isabelle, the storyline sounds great, I really enjoyed the excerpt.

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