What Happens in Summer

  • Author Caridad Pineiro
  • Release Date June 5, 2018
  • Publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781492649670
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Jonathan “Jon” Pierce is the black sheep second son of a wealthy family. He is a self-educated inventor, whose invention has made him a multimillionaire. Jonathan decides to put down roots in Sea Kiss, a town along the Jersey Shore, to be near his older brother. Fate throws Connie back into his life, and things escalate fast between them. To pave a future with Connie, he must resolve his issues with both of his parents. Can Jonathan prove to Connie that he is a changed man?

Consuelo “Connie” Reyes is a lawyer at a New York City firm. She behaves amicably around Jonathan for her friend’s happiness before her nuptials to his brother. Connie fears he is not the responsible type; however, she notices the subtle changes in him. Despite her reservations, she decides to give in to their smoldering attraction. When her life plans go awry, another opportunity presents itself. Will Connie change her plans to include Jonathan? Or will their trust issues stand in the way?

Jonathan is a dreamer, always on the move chasing new and exciting adventures. I like how he and Connie are similar yet different. They both share trust issues due to a parent, but their natures are polar opposites. I like how Jonathan matured as he got older. The changes were subtle and his decision instead of being goaded into it. But what I love the most about Jonathan is how he gave Connie space when she desperately needed to sort out her life.

Connie is a practical and level-headed woman, one who is determined not to repeat her mother’s mistakes. I understand Connie’s uncertainties where Jonathan is concerned, but sometimes I feel she allows those fears to color her decisions. I admire how she does not jump willie-nillie into a relationship, especially when neither have yet to resolve their issues with their absentee parent. But what I like the most about Connie is how she impulsively took the initiative to further their relationship at the end.

WHAT HAPPENS IN SUMMER is book two in Caridad Pineiro’s contemporary romance series, AT THE SHORE. I have not read the first book, so I am uncertain if the two stories coincide at the same time because Maggie and Owen’s romance continues in the background. That, however, did not hamper my ability to follow the plot and storyline.

WHAT HAPPENS IN SUMMER is a sweet tale of two wounded souls reconciling their past and trust issues to forge a new future. I am familiar with the author’s paranormal works, so this series is a nice change of pace, especially the light-hearted tone of storytelling. I cannot wait for Emma and Carlo’s story.

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