The Transylvania Twist

  • Author Angie Fox
  • Release Date January 26, 2021
  • Publisher Moose Island Books
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781939661777
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Dr. Petra Robichaud is a surgeon for the MASH 3063rd unit in the New Gods Army. The temporary truce is threatened by the new set of prophecies. Petra receives a note from her former fiancé, the one she thought died ten years ago. She not only puts herself at risk of discovery, but she tries to stop the development of a dangerous, new weapon. Will Petra manage to create an anesthesia that will work on immortals? What else will she have to sacrifice in order to bring lasting peace?

Dr. Marc Belanger is a silver dragon shapeshifter. He is a surgeon for the MASH-19X in the Old Gods Army. Marc desperately needs Petra’s ability to communicate with his murdered mentor. However, being with her again rekindles feelings better left buried. Now Marc must collaborate with Petra to create an anesthesia that will benefit both armies. Can Marc mend things with Petra?

I adore Petra’s friendship with her werewolf bunk-mate, Roger. The two are partners-in-crime when it comes to pranks in their unit. She trusts him enough to confide some of her secrets and worries. What I like the most about Petra is her compassion for others. No matter the danger, she refuses to abandon anyone who needs help.

I had a difficult time connecting with Marc. I truly wanted to like him since I love dragons. However, I cannot approve of him for Petra. What I like the most about Marc is his willingness to sacrifice his happiness for family and loved ones. He knew his family and friends would never have peace of mind with him still in the army.

THE TRANSYLVANIA TWIST is book two in Angie Fox’s hilarious paranormal-romance series, THE MONSTER MASH. The story can standalone; however, I recommend reading the first book to understand everything better. Roger, is such a fun character. His silly antics makes the story entertaining. My only nitpick is Galen and the small part he plays in the story. I feel he and Petra have some unresolved issues that need exploring.

THE TRANSYLVANIA TWIST is a humorous tale of one woman’s determination to overcome fate’s plans. I cannot wait for the last book in the trilogy. I am curious to learn who Petra will be with.

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