The Sixth Day

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If you enjoy history and how what happened eons ago impacts the world today, THE SIXTH DAY is the book for you.  

Nicholas Drummond and Michaela (Mike) Caine are part of the Covert Eyes team.  They work with a group of highly trained specialists alongside the FBI and MI5 to resolve world crisis situations. They are highly effective because unlike their legal partners, they don’t always follow the rules and are able to get information or get into places others cannot reach.

While on a trip to Great Britain to help his father, Nicholas and Mike are asked for help. Several high-profile persons have died within a very short amount of time. While researching the deaths, they find something very disturbing. A picture over one of the victims shows a drone hovering overhead. The victims died from the same unusual poison. What was originally thought of as just random natural deaths are now considered assassinations. But what connection, if any, do the victims have?   

The plot has so many twists and turns. I love puzzles, and this one had me going. The action is nonstop and the story line is very creative. It would make a great movie. What a great thriller!


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