The Seekers

  • Author Heather Graham
  • Release Date July 23, 2019
  • Publisher Mira
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Former detective Joe Dunhill plans to join the FBI’s Krewe of Hunters. He acts as an official consultant on a murder investigation of a fellow FBI agent. Joe suspects Keri of not being truthful to him and his partner about what she saw. As Joe and Keri investigate the inn’s historic secrets, they discover a hidden cult. Danger lurks at every corner as they hurry to uncover the cult members’ identities. Can Joe help Keri accept that she saw ghosts? Can Joe protect Keri from the occultists?

Keri Wolf is a historical crime novelist. She agrees to assist an internet-based paranormal investigation group to explore a historic, haunted inn. During the show, Keri stumbles on the murdered body of a FBI agent. With the assistance of a ghost, she and Joe learn that the past is being repeated. They uncover that a dark cult is involved with the murder. Will Keri’s expertise help Joe and the Krewe solve the case? Or will she become another victim to the occult?

Joe is the epitome of a knight-in-shining armor. I love his sense of chivalry. He never brought attention to Keri’s unease; instead he eases her fear with his nearness. I like how Joe is not intimidated by Keri’s intellect. He recognizes her ability to catch clues and utilizes it to help with his current investigation. What I adore the most about Joe is his patience with Keri. Since he is also new to paranormal phenomena, Joe understands Keri’s need to adjust. Plus, he never pushed Keri to speak about what she saw until she was ready.

Keri is an easy heroine to like. She is a reasonable woman, one who prefers facts and plausible explanations. I like how Keri did not immediately jump on the ghost hunters’ bandwagon, especially after encountering a ghost. She would rather search for a logical reason to explain what she saw instead of grasping for the easiest answer. What I admire the most about Keri is how she assisted Joe and the Krewe in their investigation. Once she got over her resentment, Keri uses her skillset to help ferret out hidden clues to aid in the case.

THE SEEKERS is book twenty-eight in Heather Graham’s romantic suspense series, KREWE OF HUNTERS. Heather Graham, aka Shannon Drake, is a hit-and-miss author for me, but I enjoyed this one immensely. I have always enjoyed her romantic suspense novels with their hints of paranormal. Unfortunately, I have only read a handful of books from this series. Each story can easily stand alone because there is no on-going plot that spills into the next story.

THE SEEKERS is a riveting yet spine tingling suspense featuring dangers of the past repeating themselves. I like how the romance takes a backseat to the story’s plot. I cannot wait to read the next thrilling installment of this series.

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