The Scandal Of It All

  • Author Sophie Jordan
  • Release Date July 25, 2017
  • Publisher Avon
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780062463623
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

Graciela, Duchess of Autenberry, a gorgeous mature widow, is looking for one night of debauchery. But, just one night is all it takes to bring about ruin. What will everyone think? THE SCANDAL OF IT ALL is a deeply rich romance starring a sultry, Spanish widow, Graciela, who decides to frequent a den of desire, after her best friend persuades her to go, just once, to scratch that itch. The selfish winds of fate took one of their friends from them at a young age, prompting Graciela to rethink her life. Only, will fate bring Graciela love or destruction?

Lord Colin Strickland, a devastatingly handsome man is stunned when he sees the Duchess of Autenberry at London’s famed night club. Colin is best friend’s with Graciela’s stepson. Colin is suddenly overwhelmed with the need to be with her, especially after years of stifling his adolescent crush, since he is six years younger than her. Only, Graciela is in a pickle, she notices that her stepson is there also! Colin rushes to the rescue. He really only wants one kiss but it ignites something more…

What just happened? Graciela is shocked to the core. Colin woke something up in her. After a life with a cold, distant husband, she seeks a new adventure. Can Colin give her that life? Will Graciela gamble her reputation to spend it with him? Or will society and family dictate they separate?

THE SCANDAL OF IT ALL is a simmering, sensual love story of two people who tumble into love. Graciela, a widow looking for love in all the wrong places and Colin, a handsome rogue who harbors desire for a woman who is off-limits. Heck, they are both grown adults, so what is the big deal? Graciela, proud and pretty, is concerned about protecting her step-children and daughter from any scandal. Being with a younger man shocks her, but her world seems brighter with Colin in it. Will Graciela consider a future with him? Society will talk, but then they always ignored her because of her Spanish heritage. What will happen between them? There are dazzling night-escapades, intriguing characters with a lot of oomph, and a sizzling romance. Ms. Jordan adds just enough spice to make the story really zing! Oh my gosh, I was totally blown away by the luscious romance, which steamed my glasses. The author deals some stunning blows also, so the plot practically screamed read me all at once! THE SCANDAL OF IT ALL is a tapestry of emotions, illicit rendezvouses and scuttlebutt. A sigh-filled treasure!

A Recommended Read!

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