The Devil Wears Spurs

  • Author Soraya Lane
  • Release Date June 30, 2015
  • Publisher St. Martins
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781250060082
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Chrissy

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Our Review

Ryder King has screwed up big time. He gambled and lost his third of the family ranch in a poker game to one of his biggest foes. Little does he know that his disastrous actions will be a mixed blessing since it results in Chloe joining forces with him in a bid to win back the deed. Chloe’s no stranger to gambling problems – after all, her dad gambled away her inheritance along with her college fund– but she’s got nothing more to lose and much to gain by helping Ryder.  

In exchange for winning back his land for him and not telling his brothers about what Ryder’s done, she blackmails him into providing her with a place to stay for the time being, as well as to pay for her law school tuition. What starts out as a mutually agreeable business arrangement quickly escalates into something far more personal and extremely satisfying. But will they ultimately decide to gamble on love or fold ‘em in the end?  One thing’s for certain–Chloe sees something besides a gambling playboy in Ryder, and she’s not about to let him pretend that he’s not just as worthy of respect and love as his overachieving siblings.

Soraya Lane’s TEXAS KINGS trilogy kicked off to a brilliant start with THE DEVIL WEARS SPURS. Chloe and Ryder’s personalities mesh perfectly, and I loved that she’s not afraid to take him to task for his stupid actions. The storyline is fast paced, sexy as hell, funny at times and heartbreaking at others. From a Texas ranch to a Las Vegas casino, Chloe and Ryder share an adventure in passion, gambling, and soul searching that defies the scenery. There are characters you’ll love and ones you’ll love to hate (which of course, is fun all by itself). Plus there’s just no way to resist one of the King brothers, so it’s awesome to know that each of them has their own story.  Ms. Lane has written a series contemporary western lovers will fall in love with and want to reread over and over.

Here are the titles in the TEXAS KINGS trilogy in order (and no, reading them in order is not necessary in order to fully appreciate them) :




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