The Cowboy and His Baby

  • Author Jessica Clare
  • Release Date May 7, 2019
  • Publisher Berkley Books
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781984803986
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Jo

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Our Review

THE COWBOY AND HIS BABY is reminiscent of old-fashioned Harlequin romances. It’s a quick paced contemporary western appealing to all those who love cowboys, ranches, and romance!

Dustin and Annie meet at a bar in the small town in Wyoming. Dustin’s a rancher, and she’s (on location) working on a movie set as an animal trainer. Annie needs a favor, and since Dustin had said to call him if she needs anything, she takes him up on his offer. They get closer when they go check out a rescue dog a few hours away.

Though the dog doesn’t fit Annie’s needs for her next movie, Dustin ends up adopting him. Dustin and Annie’s attraction takes off from there, and they both fall hard. So why does Annie skedaddle out of town when the movie’s wrapped up and doesn’t say goodbye or answer his calls?

The story flows nicely with vivid descriptions of the setting in Wyoming, as well as in Florida, Iowa, and LA. There are plenty of family and friends to keep things moving, the movie being made, and small town life which all add to the romance. Things are happening in Annie’s life that Dustin is unaware of until she shows up on his doorstep seven months after leaving.

As they try to figure out whether they can be together again or need to be apart, they go back and forth in their relationship. It doesn’t help that neither of them is very communicative, incorrectly guessing what the other one wants. As we get to know them better, we learn of their fears and insecurities and what they each want out of life, leading to a heart-warming story.

Ms. Clare is an author I’ve read before and enjoyed. I look forward to reading what she pens next.

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