The Christmas Sneak

  • Author Marie Harte
  • Release Date December 17, 2019
  • Publisher No Box Books
  • ISBN/ASIN B082R7C42Q
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by book Lover

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Our Review

THE CHRISTMAS SNEAK by Marie Harte is the second Hope’s Turn book I’ve read. Such a fun Christmas story with two teenagers acting as matchmakers. Deacon Flashman is a retired NFL quarterback turned microbrewery owner in Hope’s Turn, Oregon. Deacon was burned by his first wife who took him for everything, but most importantly destroyed his trust in women. Deacon has only had casual relationships since his divorce until he meets Nora Nielson, his sister-in-law’s cousin. 

Deacon asks Nora out and they have a good time. He really likes her, but that scares him from asking her out on a second date.

A year later, Nora is still hurt he took her out once then dumped her. The problem is, she really likes him and can’t stop her silly heart from wondering what if. Her teenage nephew and his girlfriend decide it’s time to give Deacon and Nora a shove in the right direction and get them together at an isolated cabin in the mountains.

Deacon and Nora spend a week together and tell each other it’s only about sex, but Deacon knows he wants more than a casual relationship. The challenge will be convincing Nora he’s her forever guy.

Nora has feelings for Deacon that go deeper than a casual relationship too, but she’s afraid of trusting him and her feelings. She’s about to turn 35 and afraid a husband and family may be out of her reach if it doesn’t happen soon. She’s so anxious for a husband and family, she’s afraid she’s not making her decision based on love.

Deacon and Nora have both been burned by people they loved, but they both find the courage to take a chance on love. Not only does this story deliver a happily ever after, but it’s a Christmas romance that every reader wants to experience.

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