That Cowboy of Mine

  • Author Donna Grant
  • Release Date April 26, 2022
  • Publisher St. Martin’s Paperbacks
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781250820280
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Dillon Young intends to run the ranch she inherited from her aunt. However, unexplained things keep happening to her. Dillon suspects her wealthy and charismatic neighbor. When she searches for her missing stallion, Dillon finds an inebriated yet handsome cowboy instead. She wants to trust Cal, but she fears that he may be involved in the theft. Will Dillon and Cal find her missing stallion? Or will she lose her ranch to her smarmy neighbor’s greed?

Cal Bennett is a professional bull rider. He goes on a drinking binge when he does not qualify for the current rodeo. Cal wakes to find himself starting up to a beautiful woman and her shotgun. The situation takes a drastic turn when someone shoots at her. He offers to help Dillon and to protect her against any further threats. However, Cal suspects his friend and father-figure of being behind it. Can Cal convince Dillon to trust him? What other secrets will the two unearth?

I am still on the fence about Dillon. There were a few instances where she irked me. I understand Dillon’s trust issues. She has every reason to doubt others, especially with the strange accidents happening on her ranch. However, I believe she overreacted with Cal near the end of the book. The situation that caused their rift felt wrong and off. I expected something a little more damning to warrant Dillon’s distrust. What I like the most about Dillon is her determination to continue her late aunt’s legacy. She strived to make the ranch prosper and flourish under her care, no matter the cost.

Cal is such a love! He is a man of principles and strong morals. Cal’s word is his bond. I love Cal’s willingness to help Dillon. He refused to leave her defenseless against her mysterious assailant. I like how Cal did not withhold the truth from Dillon. He was always upfront with her, no matter how much the truth condemned him. What I adore the most about Cal is how he is not a former armed forces like the author’s other cowboy books. He is simply a down-on-his luck rodeo bull rider thrown into a sticky situation.

THAT COWBOY OF MINE is a standalone, cowboy-themed romantic suspense by Donna Grant. I admit that I enjoyed this story better than the author’s other cowboy books. Sometimes it feels like authors put unnecessary sex scenes just to up the heat factor in their books. I like the steady build up with Cal and Dillon’s romance. They were both aware of their shared attraction, but they did not really act on it until near the end.

THAT COWBOY OF MINE is a gripping tale of two people enduring a harrowing situation, only to find love and belongingness. The story’s pacing really kept me on my toes! I cannot wait to see what comes next by Donna Grant!

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