Sweetwater & the Witch (A Harmony Novel Book 16)

  • Author Jayne Castle
  • Release Date September 20, 2022
  • Publisher Berkley
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by SJ

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Our Review

NYT bestseller Jayne Castle returns to her futuristic world of Harmony, set on a distant planet where love and danger mix. Family is everything in Harmony, as is marriage, and Castle does a terrific job of pushing these two stubborn love birds into a happily ever after.

Ravenna Chastain is done working for the authorities investigating a cult. As a woman with the psychic ability to profile others, she decides to make a living matchmaking. It’s much safer than facing down criminals who want to burn her as a witch!

But Ravenna fails spectacularly with Ethan Sweetwater, one of those Sweetwaters—the rich, successful family who dip their toes in everything from tech to mining to investigating and more. Ethan has been on nine dates, and though severing ties with him will hurt her business, she needs to put her client first.

Except Ethan refuses to be fired as a client. He wants a tenth date, as promised per his contract. She needs a date to an important family event. They realize they can help each other. But before they even get to his dinner, he’s helping her move a body from her apartment.

From there, the story takes off with funny lines, lovable characters, and a charismatic dust bunny. The plot is simple to follow and though easy to guess who’s behind all the shenanigans, has a few twists that keep it fresh. The author does a great job blending suspense and romance, so that the slow burn of attraction pairs nicely with the mounting danger affecting the leads. Ethan and Ravenna both have secrets, and finding them out together while they are falling in love makes the story so much fun!

Full of danger, romance, and fascinating dust bunnies, SWEETWATER & THE WITCH, this latest entry in the author’s scifi romance series, totally satisfies!

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