Sweet Talkin' Lover

  • Author Tracey Livesay
  • Release Date December 30, 2020
  • Publisher Avon Books
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780062979544
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

SWEET TALKIN’ LOVER is a savvy, sexy romantic tale that drips with Southern charm. A beautiful lady, Caila Harris, is a devoted marketing manager, who works for a beauty company. She’s driven and aims for the top. Even on a trip with her girl friends, her work comes with her. Recently her beloved grandpa dies and she is grief stricken. It affects her work performance, which leads to a scene. Her boss delegates her to a sub-par position in a small Southern town, Bradleton, and effective immediately she’s on vacation. While there, Caila must assess a factory that’s losing money. She needs to show her boss she knows her stuff and is back on track. There’s just one hitch, there is an amazing mayor in town and he is hot! Wyatt Bradley is going to be trouble.

Wyatt Bradley might have GQ model looks but he is very responsible. He’s the town’s mayor and is very competent at managing the town. When word comes in that the town’s largest employer could be shutdown, he develops a plan. He decides to persuade the pretty rep, Caila, into touring the town with him. Major problem ahead when Wyatt gets an eyeful of Caila, all he wants to do is kiss her. Caila is majorly falling for the macho mayor, big time. Oh boy, will there be road blocks ahead in this blossoming relationship? More importantly, will Wyatt convince Caila to give the company in town another chance?

SWEET TALKIN’ LOVER is the first novel in the A Girls Trip series. The stars Wyatt and Caila hit it off instantly and sparks fly! Wyatt is a wonderful mayor, and he is determined to convince Caila, the beauty rep, to understand that the town needs the factory. It’s the main employer and to close it would cause a domino effect. Caila is resolute about boosting her career by responsibly representing her company. Only, Wyatt is crumbling her defenses. Will these two lovebirds tackle looming problems ahead on their relationship and job choices?

The author beautifully delivers an interracial romance between two strong-minded individuals conflicted about their reputations, careers, and their fiery romance. Don’t miss this successful, combustible combination of romance and sass! Ms. Livesay shoots this one out of the ball park! SWEET TALKIN’ LOVER is top notch, hoot-in romantic fun!

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