Summer At The French Cafe

  • Author Sue Moorcroft
  • Release Date May 12, 2022
  • Publisher Avon
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

SUMMER AT THE FRENCH CAFE is refreshing as a mint julep in the summer heat. It stars a pretty lady, Kat Jenson, who is lucky to have a lovely house in the French village, Kirchhoffen, a handsome boyfriend, a cute dog and a dream job managing a book café in Parc Lemmel. Then, her life derails when she finds out her boyfriend isn’t who she thought, when a lunatic lady threatens her at the café. Kat has family troubles, but manages to reconnect with her half brother, Solly. Then, her employers take advantage of her good nature, leaving her angry and despaired. Will Kat find happiness again?

Per chance, Kat meets Noah, a handsome, gentle soul who is her brother’s friend. Noah has a wonderful daughter that worms her way into Kat’s heart. Noah has problems of his own too. Life in France is wonderful and peaceful. However, obstacles emerge along the way that are very troubling to both of them. Will they find romance while working out all the setbacks?

You will love SUMMER AT THE FRENCH CAFE with its inspiring and uplifting romantic story line. Kat and Noah meet and chitchat over pastries and tea, at the bustling café and bookstore where Kat works. They hit it off and Noah is her life savior time and again. Kat has some unsettling situations and so does Noah. Together they make a good team and they come through adversity stronger than ever! This story is aglow with sparks of wit, romance, mayhem, with a pleasantly perfect Parisian view of French culture. The pastries that Kat sells sound smashing! Keep snacks handy while reading this, because I got very hungry. The author has many wonderful characters in this story that are quirky, vindictive, likable and charming. This story has it all and is sheer reading enjoyment for the summer months. SUMMER AT THE FRENCH CAFE is oo la la, fantastic!

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