• Author C.L. Polk
  • Release Date February 11, 2020
  • Publisher Tor
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Dame Grace Hensley is a member of the Hundred Families – Aeland’s version of the noble class. She is appointed the Voice of the Invisibles and the Chancellor by the Queen. Grace strives to make restitution for the atrocities her father and grandfather had committed in the past. First, she needs to win over the Invisibles, so they can fight a cataclysmic winter storm with magic. A certain photojournalist, however, threatens not only Grace’s intentions but her heart as well. Can Grace thwart the many people against her? Or will her attempts at reparation end in Aeland’s destruction?

Avia Jessup is a photojournalist for The Star of Kingson, one of Aeland’s top newspapers. She willingly gives up a life of leisure to follow her passion of journalism. Avia intends to expose the corruption within the Hundred Families and the Royal House. However, the success of her objective hinges on Grace’s cooperation. What sacrifices will Avia make for Grace? Can she aid Grace in her restitution endeavors? Or will Avia focus only on her aim?

Grace took me a while to warm up to. I admire Grace’s determination to break free from her family’s mold. She understands it will be difficult, but she refuses to continue in her father’s footsteps. I commend Grace’s intentions on fixing the heinous sins her family had committed. She faces many oppositions, yet Grace does not allow them to discourage her. What I like the most about Grace is the sacrifices she is willing to make. Her fear sometimes makes her hesitate; however, she still does what needs to be done.

I wish the author would have included more of Avia’s point-of-view. It would have helped me understand and connect with her character more. I like how Avia uses her journalism to aid Grace in her endeavors. She started out with her own motives; however, she realizes her intentions mesh with Grace’s. What I adore the most about Avia is how she encourages Grace to find the person she wants to be. She understands the difficulty of breaking from family obligations.

STORMSONG is book two in C.L. Polk’s fantasy series, THE KINGSTON CYCLE. I have not read WITCHMARK, the first book, so I feel that I missed a great deal of the world-building and character growth. STORMSONG is my first foray into F / F romance. The only complaint I have is that I wish there was more interaction between Grace and Avia. Their romance takes a backseat to the political angle of the storytelling, which made it difficult for me to stay interested.

STORMSONG is a fascinating tale of a couple’s need to risk everything for what they feel is right. I wonder if the author is writing more in this unique world of hers?

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