Something in the Heir

  • Author Suzanne Enoch
  • Release Date September 20, 2022
  • Publisher St. Martin's Griffin
  • ISBN/ASIN 1250842522
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Emmeline “Emmie” Hervey is the granddaughter of a curmudgeon duke. She must marry and have children to keep her precious home. Emmie offers to help William in his political aims if he would marry her. However, after eight years of marriage, the lie she concocted seven years ago catches up with her. Emmie and Will scramble to find suitable children to play their “pretend” children or lose their home. They manage to find two recalcitrant orphans to play the part. Can Emmie prepare the children in time? Or will she discover something even more precious than Winnover Hall?

William “Will” Pershing has always been in love with Emmeline. When she needs to marry to keep her childhood home, he agrees to Emmie’s unorthodox proposal. Eight years later, William discovers that his perfect wife invented children to appease the agreement for living at Winnover Hall. He helps Emmie search for two children to pass off as their offspring. The two wily orphans they find turn their idyllic life upside down. Can William and Emmaline succeed in their subterfuge? Can he give the children up once the charade is over?

It took me a while to warm up to Emmeline. At the beginning, she comes off as too prim and self-centered for my tastes. I dislike how Emmie’s entire focus centers around Winnover Hall. I understand her desperation to keep her childhood home; however, I think she takes things too far. I adore how well Emmie and William work together. The two are a united front, working perfectly with each others’ strengths and weaknesses. What I love the most about Emmie is how George and Rose open her eyes to new possibilities. She finally realizes there is more to life than Winnover.

William surprised me in a delightful way. His easy-going personality won me instantly. I admire how Will never tried to deceive George and Rose. He understood that they had trust issues with adults, so he never asked too much from them. William also tried to make their stay fun and enjoyable. What I adore the most about Will is his dependability. Even faced with his wife’s life, he never abandoned her. Instead, Will remained her staunchest ally and helped find solutions to escape their troubles.

SOMETHING IN THE HEIR is a standalone, historical-romance novel by Suzanne Enoch. I am a big fan of this author. This story did not read like the typical romance I come to expect from Suzanne Enoch. It has more of a feel-good, fluffy vibe mixed with some comical relief. Emmie and Will’s romance is more secondary and subtle. The main point revolves more around them trying to prepare George and Rose how to maneuver in a polite society setting. The children’s mannerisms and hijinks make the story entertaining.

SOMETHING IN THE HEIR is a fun and delightful tale of two adults and two children discovering the true meaning of family. I wonder if Suzanne Enoch plans to write more stories in this new direction of hers. I cannot wait to see!

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