Someone Like You

  • Author Jennifer Gracen
  • Release Date April 26, 2016
  • Publisher Zebra Shout
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781420139167/B0138NH9TK
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

Love is all you need, supposedly. Only, in Abby McCord’s case, she needs to be able to trust a man too. She returns to Long Island after a failed relationship and moves in with her parents and her sister, who is recently divorced, to help care for her sister’s child, Dylan. Abby is an extremely attractive second grade teacher. She has volunteered to coach her nephew’s soccer team since moving back to town. Fate has plans and delivers a sparkly, manly man practically at her feet. Will Abby take a chance on love again?

Dashing, roguish Pierce Harrison, an English soccer star, moves back home to his parent’s wealthy estate in Long Island after a mistaken love affair wrecks his status on the soccer team. Oh brother! His life is a mess. Wealth and stardom brought him a revolving door of women but there was always something missing. After experiencing life in the fast lane, Pierce is ready to settle down and regroup. Only his family relations are strained, especially with his father. Therefore, going back to the states is twofold, try to mend fences with family and decide what to do next. To start, he offers to help coach a kid’s soccer team. Only the winds of life throw him a curve ball, an intriguing lady, who is sincere, smart and very stressed. Who knew offering to coach a soccer team would bring such delicious treats? Will Pierce win Abby’s heart with his wild ways?

SOMEONE LIKE YOU is a fickle, feisty, fresh romantic caper filled with charm and wicked fun! Pierce Harrison, ready-to-rumble soccer star, fails miserably in the love department with women, and his family life isn’t any better. After his career in England takes a nosedive, it is back to the states he goes, into the lion’s den, so to speak, because he and his father are not speaking. Not good! The upside is he gets lucky when he meets a foxy lady, Abby McCord, while coaching a soccer team in his hometown. Abby is the Ying to his Yang. There are misunderstandings galore, trust issues and hot, sassy fun too! This is a fantastic, touching story of climbing out of a bad situation and putting life back into perspective. I love all the family dynamics, which plays an important part in the story. Ms. Gracen did a superb job of telling a love story that is a slow burn with a hot and cold romance. Absolutely fantastic! SOMEONE LIKE YOU is about love messes and family distresses. Scandalicious!

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