Sea Glass Cottage

  • Author Irene Hannon
  • Release Date April 5, 2022
  • Publisher Revell
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780800736163/B09B2PF3Q5
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

SEA GLASS COTTAGE is a heartwarming, charming romantic novel of second chances. This is the eighth installment in the Hope Harbor series. It stars Christi Reece who drives across country to the magical seaside town of Hope Harbor, along the Oregon coast, needing a huge favor and winds up discovering so much more! Christi is all grown up, no longer the self-absorbed city rich girl. She is determined to show Jack Colby, a man she betrayed ten years ago, her altruistic, generous, mature side. She desperately needs help and the only person who can help is Jack. Will she succeed?

Jack Colby, a handsome devil, is an author and police officer in the town. He is a really dependable guy. He wants no part of the woman who broke his heart. After what she pulled in the past, Christi is really going to have to prove herself worthy of Jack’s love. Seeing her again, tugs at his heart. Argh! He still has feelings for her. Likewise, Christi is fighting her attraction to the tall, manly man who once stole her heart. Will they find common ground? Does Jack give her a second chance?

It was like going home in Ms. Hannon’s new novel, SEA GLASS COTTAGE. Ms. Hannon’s novels feel like family, with all the familiar places and people, I have come to know. It was fun that Charlie and his taco food truck starred in the story! The story stars, Christi who needs help desperately and the only person who can help is Jack. There are many setbacks along the way, but love blooms unexpectedly. I shed some tears reading this emotional novel. I wondered if Jack would ever help out Christi. The story is cleverly written with many surprises. Will a couple hurting souls make peace with their past with possible love on the horizon in SEA GLASS COTTAGE? Definitely as delightful as old movies for romantics!

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