Once Upon A Bad Boy

  • Author Melonie Johnson
  • Release Date June 25, 2019
  • Publisher St. Martin's Press
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781250193070
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

ONCE UPON A BAD BOY, the third book in the Sometimes In Love series, is a slam dunk, tantalizing romance. It stars Sadie Gold, a gorgeous girl who captures Bo Ibarra’s heart. They met as teenagers, but Bo cans their intimate relationship on prom night. Sadie is shocked and angered. Now, years later, Sadie is close to becoming a major movie star. Recently, she accepts the role of a lifetime, a kick-ass heroine who fights bad guys. This role demands a tough exercise regimen and stunt work. Sadie is ready to prove she is just not another spoiled, pretty rich girl. She is stunned to learn her trainer is none other than her first love, Bo. Can she keep her act together with Bo enticingly close by? Or will her career tank with Bo back in the picture?

Bo still loves Sadie. Always has, but he never felt he measured up. Hence, the big break up many years ago. Now, Sadie’s back in his life. Bo wants a second chance, but there are many hurdles to overcome. Will they make a comeback or is there too much baggage weighing them down?

ONCE UPON A BAD BOY is a star quality, magic romance! Ms. Johnson pulls out her bag of tricks and nails a perfect star-crossed lovers romance dilemma. All of Sadie’s best friends from the series give her help in the romance department. Together they navigate hurt feelings, regrets, secrets, many laughs and problems galore.

The author gives us plenty of anxiety, as Sadie and Bo navigate new waters of attraction and all the headaches it brings. Sadie is a strong girl who realizes she’s only human and makes mistakes. She is in love with Bo and the devilishly handsome man he has become. Bo still regrets his actions but now realizes it was for the best at the time. They each have matured and wonder if they can make things work a second time. This is a wonderful journey of rediscovering a fiery relationship, which never completely burned out. The author delivers an honestly heartfelt, deeply emotional story with a quirky flair. I absolutely adore all the movie references that abound in the plot! ONCE UPON A BAD BOY is a sexy cocktail of vulnerability and strength. Just like a tequila sunrise with style!

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