No Words

  • Author Meg Cabot
  • Release Date August 17, 2021
  • Publisher Avon
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780062890092
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

It’s book festival time on Little Bridge Island and two warring book authors have to confront their conflicts in Meg Cabot’s new novel, NO WORDS, third book in the Little Bridge Island series. Jo Wright, famous children’s book author is invited. Her nemesis, Will Price, famed book author who blatantly trashed her books to the press won’t be there or so she is told by her agent. Ah, relief! Jo is deeply depressed from dealing with that public knockdown and developed a severe case of writer’s block. Hopefully, the beautiful island will be a balm to her soul. Does it do the trick?

Shock and dismay war through Jo’s body as she spots Will at the airport. What’s he doing here? Oh bother, now she has to deal with that conceited man and his spurious remarks. Although, truth be told, he is easy on the eyes, dash it all!

Will locks eyes with none other than, Jo Wright, at the airport and his traitorous heart thumps double time. Her knockout beauty flattens him. He is never at a loss for words but around her, he’s tongue-tied, weird. Now, he must set things right. What happens when two belligerent authors get together? Is it bang goes the beat of their hearts, with an afternoon of delight?

NO WORDS is an intriguing, juicy, anticipation is killing me, flirty story. Two famous authors join others at a book festival for the weekend. Jo Wright and Will Price openly oppose each other but deep down there is a questionable attraction. Ms. Cabot pens another lovely chic lit novel full of romance, drama and mystery. The intriguing plot includes a missing person, characters with ulterior motives along with a surprising romance. I love the requisite Ms. Cabot humor along with the feel good story. Ms. Cabot’s stories are consistently entertaining and genuinely amusing. I absolutely adore her novels! NO WORDS is pleasantly spiced and addictive. Loved it!

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