My (Not So) Perfect Life

  • Author Sophie Kinsella
  • Release Date February 7, 2017
  • Publisher The Dial Press
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780812987713/B01GYPY88Y
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

MY (NOT SO) PERFECT LIFE by Sophie Kinsella is extremely enjoyable and stars a whip smart, gorgeous girl named Katie Brenner, who aspires to be one of those chic gals with perfect hair, house, marriage and a glamorous life. She moves to London and lives in a flat with quirky tenants, and shortens her name to Cat. How she wishes her life rivaled her boss, Demeter’s seemingly perfect one. Her goal is to clomp her way up the corporate ladder where she works, at a prestigious branding company. Also, between her imaginative social media tweets and her demanding office job, she hopes to find that one special guy. Can she do it?

Then, Katie meets a very handsome man. But suddenly, her not-so-perfect world pops! Demeter, her ogre boss, fires her. What the heck? Sad and beaten, she returns to her family homestead in Somerset. Her Dad and step mom have cooked up a fancy, schmancy vacation enterprise, with country activities, glamping and stylish yurts. Katie is skeptical about her Dad’s latest scheme though.

Katie’s world is about to get worse. The awful Demeter brings her deceptively perfect family to the farm. Katie plots payback in the worst way. Secrets are revealed and Katie learns that sometimes the perfect life is nothing but just an illusion. Will Katie ever find her soul mate?

MY (NOT SO) PERFECT LIFE is a tongue-in-cheek look at London life, working in the branding world and forging friendships along the way. Katie Brenner, aspiring ad executive, tackles exacting work but is always optimistic. She hopes to become like her celebrated boss, Demeter. However, Demeter shows her true colors and swings the proverbial work ax on poor, unsuspecting Katie. What happens next shatters Katie’s intact world.

Ms. Kinsella delivers a smart, intriguing, sassy, charming story that is entertaining and surprising. There are clever characters with vavoom, and an energetic plot with a mix of sensational situations, deception, and liberal doses of humor. Ms. Kinsella’s great gift is her ability to make readers laugh at the mishaps in life with her strong women and men, along with powerful messages. I fell in love with all of the characters, even evil Demeter. Ms. Kinsella is a very clever writer, one minute I was laughing, the next I was shocked. MY (NOT SO) PERFECT LIFE is witty, stylish, inventive and addictive. Simply irresistible!

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