Marrying Winterborne

  • Author Lisa Kleypas
  • Release Date May 31, 2016
  • Publisher Avon
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780062371850
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Sarah W.

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Our Review

Lady Helen Ravenel is determined to marry Rhys Winterborne. She will not let him out of their engagement, even if her sister-in-law insists that Helen is better off not marrying Rhys. Helen knows differently. Though they have not spent much time in each other’s company, she is attuned to Rhys and though hard for her to admit, she craves his attentions. When she shows up at his office demanding to speak with him, she knows there is no turning back.

Rhys is thunderstruck when Lady Helen shows up at his office, unescorted. This behavior could ruin her in society, but Helen refuses to leave. She will not let him out of their engagement. Rhys doubts her but offers her an ultimatum. If she agrees to let him bed her, they will marry. Helen will do anything to keep Rhys in her life, even agree to the marriage bed before the actual marriage. Though they are not in love yet, there are deep feelings between the two. But can a marriage between a gentle Lady and a man of business ever work?

MARRYING WINTERBORNE is pure romance! Rhys has money and gifts at his disposal to woo Helen most ardently. Though she does not need gifts, she cannot deny she adores his attentions. These two are completely combustible together. It is lovely watching them fall in love because both give each other pieces of their heart and mind. Rhys does not believe he is worthy of Helen, while she believes the same. They both need to put their preconceived notions of each other aside in order to find true happiness together. Kleypas does a wonderful job of making this happen. She also continues to shed life and laughter on the Ravenel family. Helen’s twin sisters are a pure joy to watch in this book. It will be very interesting to see who their suitors end up being.

Helen needs someone who will challenge her and coax her out of her shell and comfort zone, just a bit. Rhys is the man for the job and he takes great pleasure in every opportunity to encourage her to live life the way she pleases. I had been eagerly awaiting this book prior to its publication and this book far surpassed my expectations. I recommend reading the first book in the series, COLD-HEARTED RAKE, first, because it sets the stage for Helen and Rhys’ reunion at the beginning of the story. Lisa Kleypas does it again. I am continually impressed with her historical romances. Long may she reign as the historical romance queen!

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