Love For Beginners

  • Author Jill Shalvis
  • Release Date June 8, 2021
  • Publisher William Morrow
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780063025431
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Emma Harris is recovering from an accident that left her in a coma for two months. She desperately wants to get her life back on track. Emma gains a modicum of normalcy and independence thanks to her handsome physical trainer. When she fails to find employment, she agrees to a partnership with a childhood frenemy. Simon and Alison make it difficult for Emma to stick to her vow of no emotional entanglements. Can Emma finally find closure? Or will the accident’s repercussions continue to haunt her?

Simon Armstrong is Emma’s physical trainer. He puts both his life and career on hold to take care of his father. Simon strives to help Emma achieve every one of her life goals and then some. He never expects to be emotionally drawn to her. However, his father and his father’s business take precedence. Being around Emma makes it tough for Simon to maintain a professional distance. Can Simon let go of his mental demons to commit to Emma? Or will he sabotage yet another relationship?

Emma is such an inspiration! Her life has changed drastically due to an unfortunate accident. I admire Emma’s tenacity and determination. She refuses to give up when things feel pointless. Emma does wallow in self-pity now and then, but anyone would in her place. What I like the most about Emma is how she honestly tries to help Alison with her relationship woes. The two may have had a turbulent past; however, they both learn that not everything is how they assumed it was.

Simon is a total sweetheart! He is a man who willingly owns up to his emotional and mental hang-ups. I adore Simon’s selflessness. He not only put his father’s and his cousin’s needs ahead of his own, but he does the same thing with Emma also. What I love the most about Simon is his instinctive awareness of Emma’s needs and wants. He is not afraid to play the bad guy by chasing away unwanted people who bother her. Simon even shares his getaway spot with her.

LOVE FOR BEGINNERS is book seven in Jill Shalvis’ contemporary romance series, WILDSTONE. I love how each book in this amazing series can easily standalone. There is no on-going plot or reoccurring characters. The only commonality in each story is the setting.

LOVE FOR BEGINNERS is an uplifting tale of two couples’ struggles to overcome their shortcomings to be together. I cannot wait for the next novel set in Wildstone, California.

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