Let It Snow

  • Author Nancy Thayer
  • Release Date October 15, 2019
  • Publisher Ballantine Books
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781524798680
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

LET IT SNOW is a captivating and charming story that is sure to become a Christmas classic. It stars a beautiful toy shop owner, Christina Antonioni, who has many good friends, but not a special someone she can share the holidays with this year. Her shop, located in Nantucket on a wharf, is decorated to the hilt and customers are flocking in to shop. Only one problem that squelches her holiday spirits, she received, as did her other business friends, a notice from their landlord, Oscar Bittlesman, stating he is raising the rent. What a scrooge and so close to the holidays too! Can Christina and her business associates melt Oscar’s miser attitude enough to cancel his rent raising plans?

Christina develops fond feelings for Oscar’s young granddaughter, Wink, since she works at her shop part-time stocking shelves for the holidays. Also, Wink’s uncle Andrew stops by with Wink and it becomes clear he is smitten with Christina. She is seriously attracted to tall, tantalizing Andrew and his endearing, persuasive ways. Can she still continue her relationship with Andrew and Wink, even though his father is stubbornly staging a setback in Christina and her friends livelihoods? If the rent increase goes through, Christina will have to close shop by the end of the year. Will this Christmas be fraught with worry or festive with cheer? Is romance lingering close on Nantucket’s pier?

LET IT SNOW is a heartwarming story brimming with holiday delight. The story is filled with shocking surprises, best friends, a skinflint and a sneaky romance. A pretty toy shop owner, Christina, receives awful news from her grouchy landlord that he is spiking her rent. Christina and her best friends plot to soften up Oscar. Romance weaves its way into her life with a chance encounter by Oscar’s young granddaughter who finagles a part-time job there. Her uncle Andrew accompanies her on occasion and zing, be still my beating heart, love is in the air!

Ms. Thayer enchants readers with this charismatic festive tale of family, friendship, frosty foes and festive fun. This holiday story has it all. Ms. Thayer shows us that Christmas can be a time to discover rare gifts, possibly the most perfect gift of all, forgiveness and love. I was so touched, I cried, so keep Kleenex nearby. LET IT SNOW is a heartwarming romance with a secret silver lining.

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