If You Ask Me

  • Author Libby Hubscher
  • Release Date March 8, 2022
  • Publisher Berkley
  • ISBN/ASIN 9780593199442/‎B096WY1LJK
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Michele Rioli

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Our Review

If you like hot men in uniforms, then Ms. Hubscher’s new book, IF YOU ASK ME is perfect! It’s hysterical, gutsy and swoon-worthy. Violet Convington is an advice columnist for the local newspaper. Her world goes bonkers when she finds her husband in the sack with another woman. Violet goes berserk! She is normally calm and rational, but this is extreme circumstances. She lights her husband’s cherished belongings on fire in the middle of the street. Soon, the firemen come and put the fire out. However, a compassionate, macho fireman, Dez, asks if she is all right? Dez is a gentleman, considerate and dashing. One thing leads to another and they start seeing each other. Only, is this the real thing?

Violet has a lot of soul searching to do. Her grief over her failed marriage combusts. She does irrational things, drinks too much, gives poor advice in her column, which goes viral, eliciting comments from her concerned boss. Violet is scared of opening up her heart to love again. She thought she had a wonderful marriage but she somehow missed the signs. Dez is a very patient and kind man. Will she gamble with love and find that Dez is the perfect man for her? Or is true love a myth?

IF YOU ASK ME is inspirational and ultimately a feel good story. Violet, who walks in on her scumbag husband bonking another lady, goes through stages of grief, anger, denial, irrational outbursts, in examining the infidelity in her marriage. Between all this she has the good fortune to meet a kind, compassionate, hunkalicious man, Dez, who is a firefighter. Dez falls for the gorgeous, unpredictable, feisty Violet and likes her just like that. He actually wants to spend every minute with her! Does their romance lead to something lasting? I was rooting for Violet all the way! The author did a perfect job not victimizing her, but allowing her to grow into a stronger woman. IF YOU ASK ME is a truly empowering story. A salute to women everywhere!

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