Here Comes the Sun

  • Author Marie Force
  • Release Date January 23, 2018
  • Publisher HTJB, Inc
  • ISBN/ASIN 9781946136381
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Jo

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Our Review

It was great to be back in Butler, Vermont in the series by the same name. HERE COMES THE SUN is the third book in the series, and it didn’t disappoint. Being immersed in the lives of the Abbotts and Colemans, along with the family-run Green Mountain Country Store, felt like I was home surrounded by family and friends. This is Wade and Mia’s story, but it also encompasses Wade’s parents, siblings and extended family, not to mention Fred the moose and the family dogs! I loved that each chapter was prefaced with a quote.

It felt like I never left Marie Force’s world, since HERE COMES THE SUN picks up seamlessly from past books. I caught up on everyone’s lives as Mia and Wade’s were spinning out of control. We’ve met Mia previously, but never in Butler, so when she unexpectedly shows up at Wade’s house during a blizzard and almost freezes to death on his porch there’s some explaining to do. From there, the story just gets better, even with all the twists and turns and even the doubts that set in. As Mia is winning everyone over there’s always something else going on that she needs to explain and even defend about herself. Her parents, along with her ex, are brought in so we get a well rounded picture of what her life has been like, and it’s not very pretty.

There are Abbotts and Colemans everywhere,  and I love their interactions. It’s heartwarming to see everyone rally around each other for various reasons, whether work-related or personal, and you can feel the love. There were laugh-out-loud moments along with sadness, tears, and heartache. But Marie Force made sure to also add playfulness, romance, and some burn-up-the-sheet moments. There is nice closure, especially with the epilogue, and enough loose ends to bring us to the next books in the series. There’s the requisite happily ever after as well.

Force is one of my favorite authors. I love what I’ve read of her GANSETT ISLAND SERIES, and all the books in the GREEN MOUNTAIN SERIES, which led into the BUTLER, VERMONT SERIES. I can’t wait for more. Somehow I missed the second book in this series, CAN’T BUY ME LOVE, and I hope to read it soon. If you like contemporary romance with lots of family and loving, Force is an author for you.

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