Four Weddings and a Sixpence

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Four extremely talented authors come together to tell the stories of four schoolgirl friends who rely upon an old sixpence to find them the husbands of their dreams. Although each novella is devoted to a particular girl and the man she loves, the stories blend seamlessly together into one novel that is sure to become a favorite among fans of historical romance.

SOMETHING OLD by #1 New York Times bestselling author Julia Quinn

In this prologue, Beatrice Heywood and her friends are away at school when they find a very old sixpence in a mattress. Knowing that they will all have to eventually find a husband, they convince themselves that this coin will bring them good luck in finding their soul mates.

SOMETHING NEW by Stefanie Sloane

Fourteen-year-old Anne Brabourne is the first of the girls to get the sixpence. After all, she must marry by the age of twenty-five or lose her inheritance. But, ten years later, she is still unwed and time is growing short. Believing she is alone in the library of a house party, Ann discusses her dilemma with a dog, only to discover that Rees, the Duke of Dorset has been there all along. Rees is fascinated by Ann, but she doesn’t consider him a viable candidate for a husband. So, he agrees to help her find a husband, thus gaining more time with her.

SOMETHING BORROWED by New York Times bestselling author Elizabeth Boyle

Tired of having candidates for a husband thrust upon her, Cordelia fabricates an engagement to the earl next door. Receiving an invitation to her friend Anne’s wedding to the Duke of Dorset, Cordelia is told she should bring her fiancé. The invitation also includes the sixpence since she is next in line to receive it, despite her faux engagement. Not knowing what else to do, Cordelia visits her next-door neighbor Kipp, the Earl of Thornton, who is scheduled to propose to a wealthy heiress in an effort to refill the coffers of his estate. After reminding Kipp of a promise he made to her long ago, he knows he cannot refuse her. Will spending a sennight at the house party together culminate in another wedding?

SOMETHING BLUE by New York Times bestselling author Laura Lee Guhrke

After Cordelia’s marriage, the sixpence is turned over to Lady Elinor Daventry, who thought she had found the man meant for her, until he became obsessed with ruining her papa. Lawrence, who has feelings for Elinor, sees her pocket the sixpence and overhears her plans to marry another man to save her father. To delay her plans, he steals the sixpence from her, knowing she won’t go ahead with her plans without it. Will the sixpence bring everything to rights, or will Elinor be stuck in a loveless marriage?


Beatrice Heywood never believed that the old sixpence is a good luck piece which will help them find husbands. But she has seen how each of her friends is led to their soul mate and true love. Is it possible it will work for her too? Deciding to test it out, it doesn’t take long before she begins to lose faith as the coin sends her to the wrong man time and again.

Absolutely scrumptious, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A SIXPENCE, penned by phenomenal authors Julia Quinn, Elizabeth Boyle, Stefanie Sloane and Laura Lee Guhrke, is a collection of novellas involving four friends and the men they love. Beautifully written, each story seamlessly flows into the next without a break in the continuity. One tale is as good as the next and I was never disappointed. These four beloved, extremely skilled authors did a magnificent job of bringing their stories to their readers. Combining humor, passion, magic, faith, a tarnished sixpence, delightful characters and true love, they produced a work of art that readers are sure to treasure. I can’t wait to start at the beginning and read the entire book over again! A must read for fans of historical romance!!


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