First Comes Scandal

  • Author Julia Quinn
  • Release Date April 21, 2020
  • Publisher Avon
  • ISBN/ASIN 0062975064
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Nicholas Rokesby is the fourth son of an earl. He is studying to become a doctor in Edinburgh, Scotland. Nicholas learns of Georgie’s plight after his father summons him home. He is flabbergasted when she declines his noble proposal. However, after a midnight medical rendezvous, she agrees to become his wife. Their journey to Scotland brings about new discoveries and revelations. Can Georgie and Nicholas make their unorthodox marriage work? Will Nicholas be able to resume his medical studies with a wife in tow?

Georgiana “Georgie” Bridgerton is the youngest child of a viscount. Her reputation is ruined thanks to a foiled elopement-kidnapping. Georgie has few options for her future, until Nicholas Rokesby, a family friend, offers marriage. She refuses because she does not want him to sacrifice his future on her account, only to capitulate later. On their way to Scotland, Georgie starts to notice Nicholas in new ways. Can Georgie and Nicholas learn to love each other? Will their hasty marriage hinder his studies?

Nicholas is such a sweetheart! I adore the fact that he too is a virgin. It is a nice change of pace than the typical over-experienced hero. Nicholas’ lack of experience is due to missed opportunity than intentional. I love how selfless he is with his medical expertise. Nicholas may be the son of a nobleman; however, he is not afraid to provide help to whoever, including the working class. What I admire most about Nicholas is his views of women. He does not share society’s views on a woman’s place. Instead, Nicholas believes a woman has every right to be whoever she wants to be.

Georgie is such a delightful character. She is neither independent nor timid, but the right balance between the two. I like Georgie’s resourcefulness. She did not wait around to be rescued; instead, she kept her wits and escaped the first opportunity that arose. I admire Georgie’s bravado. She refused to marry the cad who ruined her reputation, even at the risk of being a pariah amongst her peers. What I love the most about Georgie is how she took initiative in Nicholas’ absence to find them a home. Even though she is limited by her sex, Georgie still manages to get what needs done without fear of her husband’s reprisal.

FIRST COMES SCANDAL is book four in Julia Quinn’s historical romance series, ROKESBYS, a prequel spinoff from her BRIDGERTON series. The story can easily stand alone, yet it makes several references to the couples and situations in the prior books. Unfortunately, I have not read the first book, something I need to remedy quickly.

I am a longtime fan of Julia Quinn’s books, especially her BRIDGERTON books. I love how this story allows fans to witness firsthand the relationship Violet Bridgerton shared with her husband Edmund. It is always alluded to in the BRIDGERTON series. What I adore the most is seeing Anthony, Benedict, and Colin Bridgerton – the heroes of THE VISCOUNT WHO LOVED ME, AN OFFER FROM A GENTLEMAN, and ROMANCING MISTER BRIDGERTON – as children.

FIRST COMES SCANDAL is a cute yet humorous tale of boy and girl next door rediscovering one another. The storytelling is a little different than the author’s usual books but with her witty trademark. I wonder what else Julia Quinn has in the works. I cannot wait to see.

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