Feliz Naughty Dog

  • Author Roxanne St. Claire
  • Release Date November 20, 2020
  • Publisher South Street Publishing
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Prudence Kilcannon Bancroft is the Dogfather’s granddaughter. She plans to spread holiday kindness with her friends for a county-wide contest. However, Prudence finds herself paired with the new kid instead. She and Lucas, along with his dog, accompany the Dogmothers to the mall. Mayhem follows them. Can Prudence and Lucas gain the necessary points for their school? What other misadventures will the teenagers face?                                                                                           

Lucas Darling is the son of an 80s actor. He and his greyhound Tor move to Bitter Bark, North Carolina, from California. Lucas needs community service hours, so he joins the county-wide contest. He ends up paired with Prudence Bancroft and the Dogmothers. Tor creates all kinds of problems for Lucas and Prudence at the mall. Can Lucas trust Prudence enough to open up? Will Tor deliver the best kind of Christmas miracle?

Prudence has been an important side character in both THE DOGFATHER and THE DOGMOTHERS series. So, I was hesitant about her getting a story. I will admit Roxanne St. Claire executed Prudence’s first brush with love beautifully. I love how Prudence enjoys spending time with the octogenarians. Most teenagers would rather spend time with their friends than their family members. What I admire the most about Prudence is her quick defense of Lucas. She did not want others to get the wrong impression about him like she did at first.

Lucas is such a sweetheart. I hope he will make frequent appearances in future books. I like Lucas’ temperament. He may be from a big city in California, but he never brought its mentality to North Carolina. What I admire the most about Lucas is how he takes responsibility for Tor’s actions. He understands that Tor has issues, but he does not know how to help his dog with them. Lucas may scold Tor, but he never physically reprimanded him.

FELIZ NAUGHTY DOG is book seven in Roxanne St. Claire’s dog-orientated contemporary series, THE DOGMOTHERS. It is important to read the prior series and the previous books and novellas to appreciate the three families and their dynamics. I adore how Gramma Finnie and YiaYia’s friendship has grown throughout the books. The two octogenarians really complement each other perfectly.

FELIZ NAUGHTY DOG is an inspiring tale about the follies of judging people by their appearances. I love how the story’s moral takes precedence over the holiday theme. I cannot wait for the Dogmothers’ next escapade.

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