Fangscreen: A Summer Vampire Romance

  • Author Ellen Mint
  • Release Date July 19, 2022
  • Publisher Ellen Mint
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Fiona

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Our Review

I laughed out loud while I was reading FANGSCREEN. The interactions between the pale, formal, traditionally morose vampire and the sunny, smiling, very tanned and fit beach-dude, make for a very interesting “opposites attract” read. And when they do work things out enough to spend some time together, that’s when the author’s trademark steaminess makes for a very hot read—even if you’re not on an island paradise!

Jareth Hale has been alive for centuries, living in his Carpathian castle, lord of all he surveys. Unfortunately, as in his mortal life, he lacks self-esteem. He gets sent, ostensibly for his own good, to an island paradise to stay until it’s “safe” for him to return. As a vampire, he finds it hard to endure being on an island that’s hot and sunny for very long days—especially when the house he’s been given to live in is too small for his coffin to fit in any room. He has to park it out by the pool. Even hunting is difficult, when the riotous crowds on the beaches are drinking and carousing at all hours of the day and night. Picking one from the crowd to feed on leads to the horrific discovery of how terrible sunscreen tastes!

But he gains a new appreciation when he meets a group that includes Laiken, a blond, well-muscled young man with a naivety that astounds the world-weary vampire. Lake likes everyone—including the broody, pale young man who talks in flowery language that went out of fashion centuries ago. But Lake has a secret similar to Jareth’s. I loved Lake! His character is so sweet and loving that it’s hard to imagine anyone being immune to his charm. Jareth certainly isn’t. But will the 3 other vampires that are in nightly contact with Jareth allow him this chance for happiness?

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