• Author Donna Grant
  • Release Date May 18, 2020
  • Publisher Donna Grant
  • Our Rating
  • Reviewed by Raonaid

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Our Review

Synne is a Hunter, a person trained to hunt the members of the Coven. She has always had a strong infinity with trees. Synne travels to Scotland in search of the elusive Varroki. Instead, she encounters Lachland MacCullum. The rugged Highlander helps Synne navigate Scotland’s snowy climes. What secrets lie in Synne’s lineage? Will she find the Varroki before Sybbyl locates another bone fragment?

Lachland MacCullum is next in line to be laird of his clan. He happens upon a strange warrior-woman in his forest. Synne opens Lachland’s eyes to magic and an evil encroaching on the world. He decides to leave his clan behind to aid Synne in her fight against the Coven. Danger stalks them as they search for the Varroki. What family secrets will Lachland unearth? What role does he play in the upcoming war?

It took me a while to warm up to Synne. I admire Synne’s refusal to lead evil to innocent bystanders. She does not want to endanger others in her thirst for vengeance. I like how Synne grudgingly listens to Lachland’s advice. Instinctively, she knows it is not empty platitude but the Scotsman’s past experiences speaking. What I love most about Synne is how she acknowledges Lachland’s strengths reinforcing her weaknesses. She does not let pride stand in the way.

Lachland instantly won my heart. He is alpha enough without being overbearing or arrogant. I like how Lachland tries to be the voice of reason for Synne. Even though the two just met, he wants to spare her from repeating the same mistakes he once made. I adore how Lachland gives Synne the necessary space and privacy to commune with her element. He actually encouraged her to embrace her ability and to see it as the gift it was. What I love the most about Lachland is his acceptance of who and what Synne is. He openly admired her warrior abilities. Also, Lachland has no desire in changing her.

EVERNIGHT is book four in Donna Grant’s paranormal-historical romance series, THE KINDRED. Sadly, I have not read the prior three books. That did not hinder my ability to understand the book’s overall plot. The author recaps the important parts about this interesting world enough for a new reader to follow. To me, this series has the same feel and vibe as her DARK SWORD series.

EVERNIGHT is an engaging tale of fate bringing two people together during a bleak time. The author does a wondrous job of melding Norse and Celtic spirituality into a harmonious union. I am eager to see what happens next.

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